Taurus – Mental – Ankles: COMFORT

Human care is fundamental to the life, development, and health of the individual. For nurses, care is part of their essence as a profession.  The concept of comfort has psychic, physical, social, and cultural dimensions, this concept involves subjective personal aspects and objective aspects that are difficult to define.  Comfort care as a phenomenon has been studied by numerous theorists of the nursing discipline, in many of their propositions we can find the use of terms such as: comfort, comfort and well-being when defining the action of care. 

Katherina Kolcaba has developed a theoretical framework for comfort care, in which she proposes the nurse’s comfort as a therapeutic element to increase the comfort of others.

Talking about care projects us towards a human phenomenon, many authors have dealt with the phenomenology of care; for nurses, care is part of their professional essence, phenomenological field and object of study of the discipline. How many realities can be attributed to care, such care is part of the health situation experienced by citizens, a complex phenomenon surrounded by uncertainties, which is being built with ambiguous, disordered views and not subject to predictive rules. 

Human care is fundamental for the life, evolution, and health of the person. For Collière, care is a basic activity of life, and she says: «to care… this art that precedes all others, without which it would not be possible to exist». On the other hand, this same author describes the purpose of care as: «caring and vigilance represent a set of acts of life whose purpose and function are to maintain the life of living beings to enable them to reproduce and perpetuate the life of the group». This is done regularly and continuously by each person for him/herself, his/her relatives, and significant others. Care contains an ontological structure, present in every human act, in which it thinks, undertakes, performs. Heidegger spoke about the importance of essential care, stating that care is found in the first root of the human being, before he does anything and will accompany him whenever he does something, impregnating him with its essence.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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