Taurus – Emotional – Heart: I AM GUARDIAN OF THE HEART

AM: today we talk in the month of Taurus energy, in the emotional week, in the Heart chakra, about poetry.

Me: a nice topic.

AM: do you like poetry?

Me: let’s see. I am not a person who vibrates with reading poetry. There are times when I like to read a poem, but I’m not focused on it. I have also written the odd poem, which usually appears when I want to express a feeling, on some special day for someone, and a set of words mixed with my feelings springs up in me, and it turns out to be something that comes out of me and I give it to whomever it corresponds to, with all my love.

AM: and the result has always been good.

Me: yes, it has filled my heart and I believe it has filled the heart of the person who received it.

AM: when a human being is able to show in music, verses, writing, dance, art, any emotion, others receive it as a special gift. It is one of the most beautiful things that can happen both in the flow of energy and the vibration it produces in people.

Me: a Big Bang of emotions.

AM: you could say, yes. Emotions explode when receiving something so special.  For we must not forget that all this is one of the most transcendental things that a human being in this third dimension can manifest.

Me; I agree.

AM: therefore, you feel like a poet.

Me: I don’t feel like a poet. I feel I can write by delving into my inner emotions. What I have tried along my path is to try to do things. And in everything that has to do with art in general, at some point I tried to manifest myself in the different disciplines. We’ve already talked about music and painting. And now with poetry. Also, with the other concepts that we will continue to talk about in these days.

AM: I know that you have tried and that you feel you can do it. It doesn’t daunt you or make you feel that you don’t have that gift in you.

Me: I feel that I do well. I’m not brilliant, but whatever I try to do in my life, I feel I should do it responsibly. I don’t need to be the best. I need to be okay with myself. And I accept myself and I accept what I do. I also like the outcome. As much as I feel like it’s just me that likes it.

AM: you’re borderline overrated, maybe.

Me: maybe. But I don’t get excited about what I do. I paint, I play music, I write, I dance, and I think and feel that I do it well, and for me it is enough.

AM: and in the case of poetry, what does it represent for you?

Me: definitely, to be able to express a deep feeling that I can only show through the poem. I can’t do it periodically. I feel that I must and can do it from time to time, and not all the time. I take it as something special, unique and that I give it to a being unique to me.

AM: and what will you bring us for this day?

Me: a poem I wrote for the love of my life, on his birthday (translation of the Poem written in Spanish)

A new day begins

Love, it’s dawn

The universe vibrates

Its song to you

Today is your birthday

What a great happiness

Living the now

With harmony and peace

You are that being

Who chose to live

The path of love

Over that of pain

Gentleness and understanding

Reflects your inner self

You chose to come

To raise the vibration

There is no conditionality

It is your major seal

You came here to show

That this is your sweet mission

Love is a pleasure

At your side to learn

So close to you

How easy it is today to understand

My love,

My sunshine,

My universe

With you

Beyond everything…

AM: beautiful

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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