Taurus – Emotional – Knees: I AM GUARDIAN OF THE PATH

AM: it would have been an option for you to choose architecture as a career.

Me: there was something there. When I was a child, my parents had given me a box that was huge for me, with things to put together, to fit together. It had all kinds of pieces, and I could put together anything.

AM: a game to encourage creation.

Me: of course, it had a little book with many options to put together, and at the beginning, I followed what the book said, but then I started to orient my game in a different direction.

AM: many of the pieces were like little bricks that fit together and with them you could build houses, buildings, bridges, cars, robots, among many other things.

Me: But what I liked the most was making cities.

AM: And how did you make them?

Me: I would lie down on the floor, in the patio of my house or in the dining room, wherever, and I would start to build the streets, and I would build small houses, buildings, which I would place on both sides of the streets I designed, with a bridge crossing the city, where I imagined that there was a river in between, and where all the little cars I had as a collector’s item circulated. There was a time when I counted more than a hundred cars, and obviously they were driving around the city I had designed.

AM: and you could play for hours.

Me: My thing was to develop cities. When I got tired of playing, I put everything away, but the next day I felt like building another city, but this time, different from the previous one, with other houses, different streets, and other buildings. And I would spend hours again

AM: your first passion was to play with your small collectible cars, and from there you incorporated the bricks to build those cities where you could make them go around. But then the design of cities caught your attention, and with that, building houses and buildings.

Me: As I grew up, the game turned into drawing, and that’s how I spent hours drawing cities.

AM: And how did you do it?

Me: I used to take wooden paper, which had very large dimensions, let’s say one meter wide and eighty centimeters high, and on that sheet of paper I started to design the whole city, putting together each block, where there were houses, buildings, schools, gas stations, trees, avenues with boulevards, lights, bridges. Everything you see in a city. And I was patiently drawing each thing, and I could see how the city was taking dimension and getting bigger and bigger. It also had its train station and its airport, of course.

AM: and in between it was mixed with your other passion, population statistics.

Me: Yes! It was crazy! As I liked to make population lists of cities around the world, drawing a city transported me to its urban growth, as I was drawing it, and I was calculating based on all the blocks it had, the population it could have.

AM: and let’s agree that you have drawn a lot of cities.

Me: yes. The point was that once I finished, I saved it. That’s how I had a lot of them, some of which I didn’t even finish. I didn’t like to paint them. It was just drawing the contours, the whole city, but without painting it. It seemed too much to me.

AM: and there is no drawing left standing. Only in your memory.

Me: yes, that’s how it is. But they are always in me.

AM: and do you feel empty, or do you think why you have not been an architect?

Me: not really. I am happy to have studied and to have dedicated myself to foreign trade.

AM: but there is something that has left so many cities armed with your bricks, and the drawings of them captured in sheets.

Me: yes. Nowadays, when I have a blank sheet of paper, or a diary where a large part of the page is unwritten, I start scribbling on it, making city plans.

AM: and how is that?

Me: I draw streets, which make up the plan of a city that I invent according to what comes to my mind. It’s like looking at the map on Google map, but invented.

AM: And why do you do it?

Me: I guess it has to do with connecting with how much I enjoyed playing when I was little or drawing when I was older. It relaxes me, it’s like meditating.

AM: it connects you with your inner child.

Me: exactly. It’s a way of keeping it present and incorporating it into the here and now.

AM: and without a doubt, he is happy.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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