Taurus – Emotional – Ankles: I AM GUARDIAN OF EVOLUTION

AM: do you like movies?

Me: yes, I like it. I’m not a movie buff, and I’m not a movie watcher. I have certain moments when I feel like watching a film, and it will depend on my energetic state what I want to watch.

AM: a tool you use more to pass the time.

Me: Let’s say yes. There are few moments when I decide to watch a film just because I need to. It’s more something I use to pass the time. To relax. To get out of my own film.

AM: what does this mean?

Me: we talked about it. I feel like I’m in my own film, so when I’m a little exhausted from being the center, I take a break and watch another story.

AM: you rest from your own protagonist.

Me: Exactly! You know I’m not Leo, where all eyes must be on me in order to live. I don’t need that. I need my spaces and times for me alone.

AM: but you’re the one claiming to live in your own movie, and no one is doing anything but watching you.

Me: it’s like I need you to turn off the screen and leave me alone for a while.

AM: to watch the commercials for the show, let’s say.

Me: something like that. And that’s when I see another story. The one of the films I chose to watch

AM: and what stories do you watch?

Me: it depends on the energy of the moment. Sometimes a comedy, very basic. Sometimes life stories, where there are strong moments where tears also appear. Sometimes, many times, science fiction movies. And there is a wide range of possibilities, from aliens, futuristic, spiritual, from other dimensions, religious… a little bit of everything.

AM: What was the last movie that moved you?

Me: the last one that I thought was very good was the one starring Sandra Bullock: «Unforgivable». A good story, great performances, especially hers, who shines in the role she plays. And that in turn, has left me a meaning of what unconditional love can result in a person.

AM: and what is unconditional love for you?

Me: without making a spoiler of the movie, what she decides to live for herself because of that unconditional love, reflects the true meaning of the concept.

AM: And going back to your own film. What do you perceive it leaves for its viewers?

Me: besides showing my life as it is, my purpose is that it leaves some teaching.

AM: your purpose is fulfilled. Everyone who comes to this third dimension, leaves a teaching. For one, for many, for all. That is the most wonderful thing about this path.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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