Taurus – Emotional – Toroid: ART

Art is something that cannot be enclosed in a definition or encompassed from a global view that pretends to explain its totality. Hegel maintains: «Art is a particular form under which the spirit manifests itself». In this statement we find the idea of art as a manifestation of the spirit; but as a manifestation of the spirit that is produced in «a particular form». This particularity to which Hegel alludes is no small matter, since it introduces us to the complexity of the subject.

From the interiority of the matter to which the previous statement has led us, Hegel raises another fundamental thesis: «The task of art consists in making the idea accessible to our contemplation under a sensible form». This other idea of Hegel’s shows that art is a sensible expression of the idea, something that already brings us closer to the essence of this human activity.

Art is seen as a human activity that expresses the spirit of reality itself through a sensible material, be it a canvas, a cathedral or a sculpture; which is produced through four components without which there would be no art: «the artist», who is the creator; «the reality», which is the objectivity that is expressed; «the conjunction», which is the artistic creation and «the result», which is the work of art.

Art is something that belongs to the very essence of man, since he has been «forced» by his own interiority to represent or express something, either the exterior that surrounds or has surrounded him or the interior felt at certain specific moments in history.

Art collects the present for the future and remains as the past. It is obvious, then, that art is a total and absolute necessity of the human being.

I invite everyone to read Matías’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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