Taurus – Emotional – Toroid: I AM ETERNAL GUARDIAN

AM: we end the emotional week of Taurus, with the general concept that frames everything we have seen in the week, and that is art.

Me: after reviewing the things I have created, developed, and experienced when talking about this concept, I must say that I have found it to be a great channeler of all my emotions.

AM: and that is precisely what this concept means. All emotions come out in order to create.

Me: has also been a great stabilizer for me. As a child, with my games, I felt protected, happy, safe, creating cities. Then, with my drawings, I was able to explore what was coming from inside me. With music, learning guitar, and seeking to play melodies that comforted me and made me feel very good. With dancing, where my whole body moved to the rhythm of the music that vibrated inside me. Singing, I reached the deepest part of my being that vibration that made me elevate towards the whole Universe. With architecture, the power to develop invented places that transported me to the farthest corners of the planet. And with sculptures, where the most invisible and smallest, in corners outside the great masterpieces, represented to me the true meaning of expressing oneself in this way.

AM: pure mobilization. All your senses, your whole material body is electrified when art flows through your being.

Me: poetry, expressing the deepest feelings. Literature, writing stories, especially the stories of my family, and this need to set down in words the lives of all my ancestors so that my descendants can have a reference from which they can begin to navigate their own lives. And my own life, where the protagonist of the film is myself.

AM: and what lies ahead?

Me: to continue making poetry, to continue writing the family book, to make new drawings, to paint them, to try to make some sculpture, to definitely learn to play the piano, to continue creating videos with known songs, but transforming the original lyrics of the song into a poem for the person I am making that video and contributing photos of their life to create their own story. Designing my own house. To keep dancing and putting together choreographies to show my loved ones. Singing a song that I like. Because all of this is fuel to keep walking my life’s path.

AM: and what more can you ask for, if art leads us to rise to the highest.

Me: without a doubt, that’s how I feel.

AM: and as a final corollary, what will you bring us on this day?

Me: sketches made at some point in my life, and that I have saved to leave them to my children.

AM: you are a great artist!

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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