Taurus – Physical – Crown: I AM CHANNEL BETWEEN SPIRITS

AM: we begin the last week of Taurus, the physical one, and with the concept of Temple. What does this concept represent for you?

Me: I have always had respect for this word. The place where the faithful gather to worship their divinity is, without a doubt, a special place.

AM: yes, it is.

Me: I have always noticed that there is a lot of energy flowing. Sometimes it is very strong, and sometimes it is very dense.

AM: you perceive those flows.

Me: I have a special perception for the energetic flows. And in the temples is where I feel it the most. When I was a child, in Catholic churches, I always felt a heaviness entering them. Places in darkness, sepulchral silence, and the voice of the priest giving the mass where, many times, the process of the mass made everything slow, and I felt it that way, very dense.

AM: And why was it so heavy for you?

Me: because I felt that they were going to cleanse all the sins, and if everyone went, it was because they felt guilty for what they did, or for a lot of what they did. And you could see it in their faces. There was fear, there was stiffness. I could never feel it as a pleasant place. With time, as I got older, I was able to understand the meaning of why one went to church, and the faith that many people professed in Christ, made me modify the concept. Neither the nuns nor the priests of the schools I attended could do it, but the common people who went to those churches could.

AM: an interesting way of getting to know this faith.

Me: but the temples that really dazzled me, and that I felt a really striking energy inside me, were the Hindu, Chinese, and Buddhist temples, which I have visited in Malaysia, in Hong Kong, in China and in Vietnam. There I learned the meaning. That of worshipping the deity. With love, with unconditionality. With very believing people. And I found it very interesting how that devotion can arise in the human being.

AM: it always caught your attention because there was always something that fascinated you about it. Not being able to have that devotion to any deity yourself has made you search at different moments of your life, if the answer was really in any of them.

Me: Yes. As I suppose many human beings try to do. And the closest to that encounter was with Krishna, where I have identified with several of the concepts expressed in the Gita. Obviously, it has to do with the connection that one can make with the meaning that one can give to the reading of what one reads, but that has happened to me in relation to it.

AM: but, in the end, what does the Temple mean to you?

Me: I have found the meaning that resonates with me the most on this path. For me, the Temple is my being, and therein lies all the unconditional love I can have. And in the here and now, this being is anchored in the body that I manifest. Therefore, it rings very true to me that the Temple that I worship, that I watch over and care for, is my own body. I understand this more and more every day. And I see how taking care of it represents a way of being able to be devoted to the Temple that I inhabit, and through which I get everything I need.

AM: and what do you need?

Me: to experience, to walk my path, to learn, to integrate and transcend what I have come and chosen to do on this path.

AM: and how do you take care of it?

Me: I feed it well, I exercise it, I protect it, I take care of it. And not only the body. Also, the mind. And the spirit. Meditating, relaxing all the material and spiritual body, balancing the emotions, not drinking, not giving it toxicity that does so much harm. And trying to be more and more conscious to increase this care.

AM: And do you succeed?

Me: as I always say, I am on my way to it. I can always do better. But sometimes I’m still a breaker, and I realize that it can be detrimental to this life purpose.

AM: there’s always that Virginian strictness mixed with the Aquarian confrontation to everything. And how do you try to handle it?

Me: with balance, coherence and being aware of what I do.

AM: a Temple built on a firm foundation.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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