Taurus – Physical – Throat: I AM CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION

AM: we are in the respiratory system today. And how is your relationship with it today?

Me: optimal. I understand that it is, along with the digestive system, the system that has had the greatest base weight of my being, in this path of life. In my early years, it has been very difficult for the whole system to cope with all my emotions, and this whole area of the body suffered the most in this regard.

AM: with your recurrent bronchitis.

Me: there was a time a few years where bronchitis was a daily occurrence, and I was just trying to get through the moment. I felt pretty limited back then.

AM: And how were you able to work through it and overcome it?

Me: I think it was with my growth and increasing my inner security.

AM: if we focus on bio-descodification, the lungs are directly related to life, the desire to live and to be happy. This is because they are responsible for providing the necessary oxygen to the cells, which gives life to the human body. Does it mean that at that time it affected your will to live and be happy?

Me: I had my share of feeling good and happy, in the family nucleus and close environment, and of feeling bad and unhappy outside it. And that daily departure from the nucleus to the outside made me live very opposite moments in the same day. And the pressure and stress were increasing, as a good Virginian that I am, until I exploded, and that explosion was usually via breathing. And I had to go through the whole process of bronchitis until I recovered and had the strength again to endure the same thing for a while longer.

AM: if we talk specifically about bronchitis, it indicates that there are feelings of anger when personal space and achievements are being threatened by another person. It is advised that, if you have this disease, it is better to take things with more joy and simplicity and not be so affected by what happens in the family and friends circle. Sometimes not everyone will agree.

Me: looking from the here and now, I have no doubt that I had feelings of anger towards that hostile environment that threatened me continuously. That’s how I felt and that’s the result I had. I see it very clearly today.

AM: the diseases that are related to the lungs will have in common the emotional causes: sadness and melancholy. Most of them are in origin related to threat or loss of territory and that can be a real loss or a symbolic loss, since the unconscious does not understand real or symbolic, it only understands the information that comes to it through the emotions that are felt.

Me: definitely at that time I had moments of sadness and melancholy, because it came to my frustration why I could not live happily as I did at home, and why that hostile environment could not understand me.

AM: if you had to determine between these three concepts related to the Bronchi, in that resentment: «Someone is invading my territory». «There are fights in my close circle». «I have obstacles that I must remove». With which one represents more your regret?

Me: with the obstacles I had to remove. The hostile environment was my obstacle, no doubt. And it was represented by my neighborhood, the school and everything that happened beyond my house.

AM: We know that you have been able to solve it, because we have talked about it a lot during this year. You feel that you have been able to work on it, understand it and be aware of it.

Me: I have been able to understand it. I have been able to integrate it. I think today that I have been able to transcend it because I see it in my breathing, in my lungs. I have not had bronchitis for many years, but the most important thing is not the bronchitis itself, but the emotion that the disease provoked in me. I don’t feel it anymore. With forgiveness, with the conscious work done, seeing other perspectives, and coming out of my own enclosure regarding the real meaning of what I lived in those years, a lot had to do with my own perception and my mind placing me in a place where my essence was not. And it was all the following years that allowed me to see that.

AM: because it was one of the many things that you had decided to come to work on when you chose this path of life.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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