Taurus – Physical – Heart: I AM CHANNEL BETWEEN SOULS

AM: we enter this day with the circulatory-lymphatic system.

Me: I must say that I had to look for some information to be able to talk about the subject. As I have said, everything that has to do with body biology, with the study of the human body and with the medical part itself, has been something out of my comfort zone, and I have never given it importance. Nowadays I try to incorporate it in a way to be conscious with my whole body. Having said that, I understand that I have not had a major problem with this system.

AM: let’s see. If I present to you three possible conditions related to this system: swollen glands. – Constant infections and susceptibility to contagion. – Weakened immune system. In that stage of your life where you went through a significant number of illnesses, these three conditions were not present?

Me: Well, yes. I consider that I have gone through several of the diseases that all children have in their growth stage, and therefore I do not take them into account. But it is also true that, in addition to bronchitis, I have also had continuous angina, and that my immune system was weakened. Even with allergies.

AM: analyzing by biodescodification, the lymphatic problems are also due to the fact that the person can be subjected to a life not centered on the essential, where they keep emotions of rejection and contain themselves emotionally, either unpleasant things or things that they feel harm them, there can even be obsessive attitudes. All these emotional reactions cause great tension and inner wear and tear on the circulatory systems, which eventually weaken them and make them sick.

Me: Well, obviously this system also had its pressures and had to face several complicated moments in my health, no doubt. It is interesting for me to understand that if I am not in balance with myself, the whole body is out of balance, and no system can work properly. Then, all the health problems appear that, in one way or another, somatize with a certain disease, but it is the whole body that finds itself in the same situation.

AM: It is therefore of great importance not to forget to cultivate the inner world, to learn to know oneself, to find new values in life and to have the will to modify harmful habits and focus on what brings and makes us circulate true fullness in our life.

Me: that is, precisely, the path that I have been doing since then until now, through each step taken, and where the most encompassing moment of the whole process was this path of the I Am, and finally understanding through understanding more the biodescodification, where those problems were, and how I could work on them and accept them, and forgive them, above all, to continue my path in a different way.

AM: if we focus on the recommendations to follow to be able to overcome problems with this system, it is recommended to do physical activity every day to promote the adequate circulation of the lymph. Gymnastics, yoga, tai chi, swimming, hiking, cycling help the lymph to clean well the extremities of the body and promote and stimulate a good functioning of the entire system. Eating foods rich in vitamin C and A, as well as including in the diet whole grains, vegetables, and sufficient liquid (natural water), is essential for the lymphatic system to be maintained in the best conditions. You should drink at least two liters of pure water a day. And lymphatic massages are a great resource for those who want to activate and improve their lymphatic circulation.

Me: I do at least two out of three. Daily exercise has been present for some years now. The same as healthy food, foods rich in vitamins and cereals, vegetables and water are in my daily diet. Massages are off the list, although I have had some and they have been very restorative.

AM: you know the importance of taking care of every part of your body here and now, to be able to walk your life path without focusing on what your body somatizes, but to give it enough energy to allow you to fulfill all your life purposes. And the result is there for you to see!

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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