Taurus – Physical – Plexus: I AM CHANNEL BETWEEN BEINGS

AM: we are in the Plexus chakra and the digestive system appears on this day.

Me: without a doubt, the center of my daily work.

AM: I understand that it is in the here and now that you are most focused, in your work to improve the balance of your body.

Me: yes, it is the preponderant one in my search for body balance today. I have a special theme with this system. It has been for as long as I can remember, but after my large bowel operation, the digestive issue was very present.

AM: every imbalance over time has its hatching, and in your case, it resulted with that turning point that was that surgery. And the consequence was in your digestive system.

Me: without a doubt, I feel vulnerable. And because of that, I have focused on being as unconditional as possible with him.

AM: let’s see. Explain.

Me: I devote a lot of love to this system. And that love I transform it into basic but effective eating from the point of view of what I should eat and quantities. I can’t eat too much. As soon as I eat a little more than usual, the heaviness and discomfort of having a slow digestion, makes any slight deviation cause me discomfort.

AM: if we go to what this system represents in the biodescodification, it focuses on anxiety, stress, irritability or bad temper, which seem to be like that scream those echoes in the walls of the stomach. Then you feel the burning or burning, accompanied by heaviness, fullness, pain, and acidity, better known as gastritis, one of the most common discomforts and that most affects the quality of life.

Symbolically, the stomach receives everything: situations, conflicts, joy, sadness, successes and failures. Of all this there are things that it swallows and digests and others that it finds difficult to swallow and does not manage to digest. Symbolically, the digestive system «accepts» what arrives, swallows it and digests it. When there are things that we keep quiet, things that arrive and we do not «swallow» the stomach can get sick. If we block ourselves in the non-acceptance, we are not tolerant and flexible, we are damaging our stomach. Stomach problems are related to not accepting, not swallowing a person, a situation or event. You feel intolerance towards someone or something and you experience it with disgust or dislike.

Me: That’s just the way it is. I perceive it that way. That’s why I try to relax as much as possible. My work, which generates stress, even though I love what I do, makes me go through moments that lead me to digestive situations, and that is why I try to work over and over again on this.

AM: continuing with this analysis, these problems sometimes occur because they do not like new things or having to change a way of thinking or doing something that others impose on them. You are referring to people who are critical, very mental and disconnected from their heart.

Me: Okay, I have to say. A lot has to do with my mind, with not accepting new things, or different things from what I think, and resisting what others I feel try to impose. But I also feel that I am constantly working on it, as I know that I always react in the same way, but in a more conscious way nowadays. Therefore, these digestive discomforts I have them more spaced out, and this encourages me that I feel I am on the right path.

AM: if we refer to gastritis, it is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach. Any disease that ends in «Itis» is denouncing that the person feels anger, rage, irritation. There is something or someone in my life that I do not want, that I do not tolerate. Such is the irritation that it produces in me, that it ends up irritating my stomach. I feel that I have been betrayed, deceived and I am in a situation in which I do not want to be. If I have slow digestions, it is because my stomach is tense and rigid. The sense it makes is not accepting the changes in my life.

Me: I agree. Same as what I explained before. I try to be more flexible mentally, and I understand that in that way I stop being inflexible and consider that only I can solve an issue, and I trust what my environment does. At the same time, I think that I can’t do everything, and that there are people around me who can contribute with their criteria to solve issues and thus the pressure I feel towards myself disappears. And the results are positive

AM: If you want to put peace in your stomach, put peace in your head. Work on anger, rage, acceptance, empathy, flexibility and think that sometimes it is better to be happy than to always want to be right. Do not forget that you produce, with your emotions, diseases. So, manage your emotions well and health will follow.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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