Taurus – Physical – Sacral: I AM CHANNEL BETWEEN CREATORS

AM: how do you get along with your excretory system?

Me: first impulse: I get along with all systems. When I start to think more carefully, I begin to relate problems I have had in my life path, and I glimpse that my first thought was not the right one. I dig deeper, and obviously my emotions have played a major role in the outcome of those problems. And I understand that at some point I have had hatchings in every system of my body, which showed me that I was not handling everyday situations well.

AM: and in this case, you had your most sensitive moment in 2012, with the operation for a tumor in your colon.

Me: no doubt, we have already talked about it, and it was a hinge issue in my path. Especially regarding food, body care, and mental change to deal with everyday issues.

AM: it is good and advisable to be able to analyze a little from the point of view of decoding, what our body expresses to us, so that, from this perspective, we can analyze what we do and how we behave. And in your case, already focused on what you have gone through, what is related to the intestines, represents the following

PHYSICAL BLOCK: The problems of the small intestine are tumors, cancer, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, and diarrhea. Colon problems are constipation, diarrhea, colic, colitis, intestinal gas, tumors, cancer, cramps, gastroenteritis, and parasites.

Me: the focus, in my case, is more identified with the large intestine, where constipation, followed by diarrhea, intestinal gas, and cancer, even if the tumor generated was benign, were there.

AM: EMOTIONAL BLOCK: A problem in the large intestine occurs in the person who has difficulty getting rid of old ideas or beliefs that are no longer necessary (constipation) or who too quickly rejects thoughts that could benefit him (diarrhea). He often suffers from strong setbacks that he finds impossible to digest.

Me: you know I have never seen myself that way. I feel and perceive myself to be a flexible and not rigid person, firsthand. Then, I stop at certain moments, and especially reactions on comments or actions of others, and there I realize, for example, a first rejection of ideas or thoughts of others that could benefit me. Or to accept what others say and see it from another perspective. It happens to me a lot when I comment that I am a rupturist. That everything has a contra and that I usually place myself in the contra to respond to someone in relation to an issue. I am always against, or almost always. And that has to do with all this.

AM: which means that, by being against, you hold on to your ideas, whether they are new or old, and that brings you the difficulty of getting rid of that belief. Don’t you think so?

Me: I think so. When I am more contemplative and accept what I am told, my belly is more relaxed. When I don’t accept it, I get tense and I feel it very fast there. And the consequences are as described, no doubt.

AM: MENTAL BLOCK: Your problem in the intestines is an important message for you to learn to nourish yourself with good thoughts instead of fears and devaluing thoughts. In your material world you don’t need to believe in scarcity either. You have to work on your faith; have faith in the divine presence in you and in the Universe that exists to take care of everything that lives on this planet, including you. You must let go of the old in you to make room for the new.

Me: a thought I must incorporate, no doubt. Work on my faith, above all. I consider faith to be useless. To have faith is to have an expectation. It confuses me because faith is a concept that I deny in my life path.

AM: and you feel it as a loss.

Me: I feel that way, yes, it makes me feel a certain nostalgia not to feel that sensation that having faith in something generates. It is like feeling an emptiness.

AM: Do you really feel that you don’t have faith?

Me: I feel that way.

AM: but when talking about your being, about what you do, about your essence, about your purposes, don’t you feel that faith and that belief that there is your essence, your balance, your coherence, your harmony in life?

Me: yes, of course.

AM: Well, that is also having faith, my friend.

Me: right!

AM: do not confuse faith in yourself with faith in others. Faith is in you, you just don’t look for it outside, you have it in you.

Me: great truth!

AM: going back to the intestines, especially the large intestine, the colon, the focus is on the ability to let go, to let go of what is useless and let the events of life flow.

One of the best remedies for your gut is to drink water. You don’t just affect your gut by what you eat. We have seen the importance of emotions in the diseases of your gut. Think good, feel good and reduce stress in your life.

Me: take note.

AM: and remember: you are what you think, you are what you eat. Let go of everything you don’t need, live without fear and with awareness any process in your life.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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