Taurus – Physical – Knees: I AM CHANNEL BETWEEN PATHS

AM: we are talking about muscles. Do you have muscles?

Me: haha! I have them somewhere.

AM: you have them all over your body.

Me: I was referring more to the comparison I make of my body with those who live in the gym and are extremely muscular. This is not my case.

AM: but you go to the gym, and several times a week.

Me: yes, I do. But not with the intention of looking like Arnold, but rather to keep my body’s muscles moving and work them a bit. Not the extreme either.

AM: your Virginian side makes you work your body neatly and planned, with the exercises the teacher tells you to do, and your Aquarian side tells you to break with the exercise pattern and do less tiring things.

Me: It’s like that. There are times when I go to the gym without feeling like it. And when I’m doing my routine, you know that in some of them I start thinking all kinds of expletives and I tell myself what Wednesday I’m doing that for.

AM: and what do you answer?

Me: that I’m doing that to work my muscles, to keep them young, so that the body I have on has the best health options, and to unload tensions and feel better.

AM: and does this happen?

Me: definitely yes. I finish doing my routine, and I leave refreshed, well, unloaded, calm, happy. It does me a lot of good.

AM: but still there are times when you don’t want to exercise.

Me: it goes back a long way. I think there’s a certain family pattern, especially from my mother, of avoiding extreme movement. Or not so extreme. But there is also the paternal side, who always exercised, especially sports, and among them, basketball. That makes me have this part of wanting to exercise.

AM: and don’t forget your will, that even if you don’t feel like going, it makes you go anyway.

Me: no doubt. I must say that I am very focused on this issue of the importance of being able to maintain a regular exercise routine, and my body and my muscles, I know they appreciate it.

AM: moving on to the topic of the day, let’s talk about your muscle problems.

Me: trying to dig into the past and what I’m currently doing, I have to say that I don’t remember having any muscle problems. Among all the affections I’ve had, muscular is not in the detail.

AM: if we talk about them, muscles are organs formed by tissues that ensure the functions of movement by contracting at the will of the individual. They also make possible the movement of the limbs, so any muscular problem indicates a lack of motivation and above all a lack of will to go where the person wishes. Muscles are controlled by mental strength; it is the life, power, and strength of our bones. It is the reflection of what we are, what we believe and what we intend to become in life. Muscles represent the effort to give and the work to do to move forward. Muscles, corresponding to my mental energy, are necessary to move, to take action.

Me: focusing on what you indicate, I don’t feel I have had a lack of motivation to do my things. And when I did, I changed what I was doing, or the Universe made me change what I was doing. My mental strength is a lot, you know that, and I think that might be why I don’t have muscle problems.

AM: it’s like this. The relationship between mental strength and muscles is very strong, which doesn’t mean that you can’t still have some muscular problems. But it is easier to work on it. However, maintaining an exercise discipline is always going to be good for your body.

Me: I feel that way. And that’s why I keep exercising

AM: exercising your body, your soul and your spirit is fundamental to find balance in your life path.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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