Taurus – Physical – Toroid: I AM ETERNAL CHANNEL

AM: How do you get along with your nerves?

Me: I have to say that it’s somewhere in between. I tend to have moments of internal nervousness, which I don’t show easily, and moments of extreme relaxation, where the calmness is total, and where I would love to be all the time.

AM: And when do you feel those nerves?

Me: In moments of work tension, above all. Family situations where tension is present. Moments of stress, let’s say.

AM: you don’t feel at ease.

Me: I try to handle it, but internally I don’t feel at ease. I know it is an issue that I have to go through. These are situations I have to go through to learn and work my way through, but it drains me most of the time. I am usually in a work area where suddenly stressful situations appear and I have lived it for many years, and what in other times was pure adrenaline, and going through it to have the success to solve those situations, today, minimum issues are already uncomfortable for me, and I solve them, of course, but it does not give me neither the satisfaction nor the desire to go through those situations again. And the nerves come quickly.

AM: And how do you try to minimize them?

Me: Obviously, by relaxing. Leaving it to others to handle the situation, and me supervising that work, and releasing that responsibility to the person who is handling it. And acting if I have to, so that the problem is solved. I have to be at my place of work taking care that everything is okay, and that responsibility remains firm. But, from another place. I prefer to focus on what I really feel is important and prepare myself so that my nerves are balanced, in those complex situations that I know I have to go through and do it taking particular care of it.

AM: you take it as something sensitive this issue of not getting nervous too much.

Me: Yes, I do. I have found that I prefer to be calm. And use my energy for other things rather than to placate the nerves that appear in stressful situations. Although I think very fast and I am very active in those situations, I already feel that I have gone through many of them, and today I prefer relaxation, tranquility, doing everything I have to do with the oriental philosophy of calm, peace, and harmony.

AM: you know it is just an internal decision that it is so.

Me: I know. It is your own decision.

AM: you still do not choose. You still depend on the Universe, the environment, and its welfare over your own.

Me: my Virginian energy of feeling that I have to assist my environment, and partly satisfy that inner streak. There is always something positive and something negative in the actions we take and their results. It’s in being aware and feeling the best you can, isn’t it?

AM: it’s true. Nothing is totally good or bad. It’s always the perception from where you look at it.

Are you ready to review the month?

Me: Yes, I am!

AM: Here we go

Mental Week

AM: at the source                           Me: I am universal origin

AM: in resonance                            Me: I am origin of dimensions

AM: in energy                                   Me: I am origin of sound

AM: in abundance                          Me: I am origin of the heartbeat

AM: in strengths                              Me: I am the origin of all entities

AM: in matter                                   Me: I am origin of the Matrix

AM: in security                                 Me: I am the origin of all patterns

AM: in wealth                                   Me: I am the origin of every way

AM: in comfort                                 Me: I am the origin of all destiny

AM: in well-being                            Me: I am eternal origin

Emotional Week

AM: in the home                             Me: I am the guardian of the universe

AM: in painting                                Me: I am the guardian of consciousness

AM: in music                                     Me: I am guardian of truth

AM: in poetry                                   Me: I am a guardian of the heart

AM: in literature                              Me: I am a guardian of being

AM: in sculpture                              Me: I am the guardian of the web

AM: in dance                                     Me: I am guardian of the world

AM: in architecture                        Me: I am a guardian of the way

AM: in the cinema                          Me: I am the guardian of evolution

AM: in art                                           Me: I am the guardian of the eternal

Physical Week

AM: in the temple                           Me: I am a channel between spirits

AM: in the endocrine                     Me: I am a channel between consciousnesses

AM: in the immuno-respiratory   Me: I am a channel of communication

AM: in the circulatory-lymphatic Me: I am a channel between souls

AM: in the digestive                       Me: I am a channel between beings

AM: in the excretory                      Me: I am a channel between creators

AM: in the reproductive-skin     Me: I am a channel between worlds

AM: in the muscular                     Me: I am a channel between roads

AM: in the osseous                         Me: I am a channel between masters and apprentices

AM: in the nervous                         Me: I am an eternal channel

We end with this review, the month of the Taurus energy in this second cycle of the Tree of Life, on the Path of the I Am.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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