Gemini – Mental – Third Eye: I AM SPIRAL OF DIMENSIONS

AM: second day of the Gemini Mental week, and we continue with dualities.

Me: to adapt for the whole week, and perhaps the month. Seek and deny, concepts that contribute to the dialogue.

AM: let’s start then. What are you looking for in this path?

Me: I must first say that I have been changing my search. If I think back to other times in my life, I sought a good income, to have knowledge, to have a profession, I sought to have a family, and in each search, the search for happiness always came first. To be happy.

AM: and what are you looking for today?

Me: to walk this path of life.

AM: and happiness?

Me: Happiness is in every step I take here and now. Understanding that happiness is that makes me think about leaving the utopia of perfect happiness. To be well all the time and smiling and without any worries. It is too much!

AM: but would you like to get there?

Me: I know I don’t get there. I know that I have to go through all the moments that I have had to live in this path, because I am human, and I will have to go through happy moments, and sad moments, memorable moments, and dark moments. And keep on walking.

AM: and what are you denying?

Me: phew. Complicated and long topic, perhaps. Regarding what I perceive of me, and others see in me, today I accept and try to analyze if I am denying something of me that is in me. I also know, because of the way I am, that the first reaction is going to be combative. And that is why I no longer take that reaction as the one defined by my essence, but I start the hard work of separating everything and digging into situations, actions, thoughts, that lead me to better understand if the other’s perspective is well supported, and then, my denial goes on to ask myself, and then to answer myself about the possibility that the denial I am generating is possible. And I bring it to the surface and make it conscious.

AM: to be able to work it in the right way.

Me: from there appears this search for ways to transform that denial into an acceptance and from there into a possibility to grow, to evolve.

AM: you are still denying

Me: I am sorry I am a big denier, in spite of everything I accept it. Today, for example, I still deny the idea that the human being can evolve and live in a balanced, coherent, and conscious way. If those who have power, those who move the masses, those who are mostly revered as prototypes of what the human being should be, turn out to be, for the most part, incoherent and unconscious of their actions, how can I accept that the human being can evolve?

AM: contributing what you perceive you should contribute so that more and more human beings want to evolve towards the path of balance and consciousness of being.

Me: difficult work.

AM: you perceive work as an obligation. It has always been like that. But work should not be taken as an obligation but as a tool to fulfill one’s purpose. And it is still a way to walk your path. That is to say, do you force yourself to get up every morning to live your life? Do you force yourself to eat every day to ingest vitamins? Do you force yourself to drink liquid every day to quench your thirst? Do you force yourself to take a bath to feel clean? Or do you do it because it makes you feel so much better about yourself?

Me: of course, it’s good for me.

AM: well, so is this work of encouraging others to walk their own path of life through balance and awareness of self.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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