Gemini – Mental – Heart: I AM SPIRAL IN EXPANSION

AM: today’s theme: serve-keep. Let’s start with the first one

Me: I am a Virgo, but sometimes I don’t look like one. I am not essentially helpful. I must say that I find it hard to be so

AM: and why do you feel that you find it difficult and on what basis do you conclude this?

Me: first, because I’m not usually selflessly helpful. I mean, I understand that as a child I tried to be, but the reality that I felt I was living was imparting me a certain type of learning in relation to the subject that, giving and receiving had to be done based on some type of interest. I understand that it has been a family pattern, considering that they always had to earn their money by the skin of their teeth, and they never had a way to expand their economic development. That said, the nuclear family was extremely helpful to the nuclear family itself, but to the outside, it was no longer the same.

AM: of course, this legacy was marked on you. And your story continued in the same way throughout this life. But you have had enough years to modify it.

Me: I have. And I have some kind of interest in being able to be more helpful to others, but I find it very difficult. I can’t, for example, give money to people begging on the street.

AM: but that’s not being helpful. That is increasing in the being who receives the money that need to keep asking. That is not a good example you are setting.

Me: In such a materialistic and western world, where I belong, the easiest way to feel helpful is precisely by doing this.

AM: Well, that is a big mistake. Helpfulness is not about the money you give to others. It’s about all sorts of other things. You remember well the person you admire, don’t you?

Me: Mother Teresa.

AM: we talked about it already. And she never gave money to anyone.

Me: she gave her time, her help, her love, and her support to others.

AM: so, I ask again. Do you feel helpful?

Me: I feel quite helpful, yes. Currently, I give my time to try to help others to write their own conversations on their own life path, to encourage them to seek their own balance and coherence in their lives, and to focus on their own being.

AM: and as far as, in regard to keeping, what are you keeping today?

Me: I try to keep knowledge. It serves me very well to continue on this path of I Am.

AM: Nothing else?

Me: naturally, and by reaction, I try to have a good economic support, because, unfortunately, I cannot live without an income. But I no longer consider it as accumulation, but as a tool to be able to follow my path in a way that is in accordance with what I think. Then, I don’t feel I accumulate any other material things. I know that nothing I own I will take with me when I am gone, so I am not worried about what to have or keep.

AM: but let’s agree that this thought has managed to emerge by working this path.

Me: as we always talk about, the great change in my thinking has come about because of the work done on the path of I Am. I feel pleased and every day more convinced of the good it has done me to continue working daily on each concept of the day, and to focus on the balance, consciousness and coherence of my being.

AM: for you have realized that you serve your being and keep wisdom, love and will to achieve balance and coherence in this path of your life.

I invite everyone to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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