Gemini – Mental – Plexus: CONECT-SEPARATE

Empathy is the ability to understand the needs, feelings, and problems of others, putting oneself in their place and thus being able to respond correctly to their emotional reactions. According to the model, the emotional competence of empathy is achieved when we combine at an intellectual level active listening, at an emotional level understanding and at a behavioral level assertiveness.

The empathic person develops the intellectual capacity to experience the way the other person feels, which facilitates the understanding of the reason for his or her behavior and enables him or her to maintain a dialogue with the other person with a positive style of interaction for both, respecting what each one thinks and feels and seeking mutually beneficial agreements. Therefore, empathetic people tend to be more successful socially, as empathy facilitates interpersonal relationships, negotiation, the ability to persuade and the development of charisma.

Empathy is a tool to connect with others because it leads us to empathize with sympathy, which means to seek win/win in the relationship with the other with true interest through active listening, to know which is the map with which he/she explores the world and through understanding, understanding, and respecting why he/she chooses the routes he/she chooses to walk through life.

The separation between man and nature brought at one time many advances to the fields of knowledge because by concentrating on the two entities separately it was possible to better understand the world of matter and the world of ideas, it cannot be denied that the reductionist paradigm is a simple way to understand the phenomena of the world, Unfortunately the world is extremely complex, therefore the reductionist or separatist theories are incapable of explaining the current reality, because of this monism man and nature monism have to be resinified in a dualism that conceives man and nature as equal parts of the Gaia system.

In modernity the greatest need is to direct spirituality towards the natural, already in the past Nietzsche in his work «Thus Spake Zarathustra», conjures his brothers the men to remain faithful to the earth and not to believe of those who speak of superterrestrial hopes (p. 119). ), it is for this reason that it becomes necessary to even the game, since many privileges have been granted to the utopian progress and the natural world has been cruelly ignored, it is due to this dynamic of inequality that currently the different problems that brought with it the departure of the natural spirit in the world of life have become evident, for example: The environmental crisis, which is the result of prioritizing and legitimizing the social being, the modern and progressive being before the natural being, because the modern spirit, as free as it may seem, is still dependent on the natural spirit, since it is from nature that we humans obtain the necessary resources for our survival.

I invite everyone to read Matías’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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