Gemini – Mental – Sacral: I AM SPIRAL OF FEMININE ENERGY

AM: we agreed that you like to build.

Me: yes, I plan what I want to build. And I put it together. I build it. Be it physical things, as well as ideas, which then take shape in projects.

AM: And what about destruction?

Me: I find it complicated to destroy. It is also complicated for me to understand and act on this concept. I think about what destruction means, and I always go towards things that are harmful or bad, both for me and for the environment. The actions of the human being destroying the environment is, for my perspective, one of the most disastrous things that the human being does.

AM: you know that from destruction you build.

Me: I understand that. I also understand that from the point of destruction something completely new can be put together. It’s like the game I had as a child. The bricks allowed me to build, and when I got tired of playing, I would take everything apart to make something else the next day. From this point of view, taking apart to build something new the next day always felt good.

AM: we approach this concept from this side, precisely. The destruction of the planet is not something that should be treated as an option to make something better, because the human being cannot rebuild the planet, which is a being that was formed naturally and continues to transform naturally. It is not man’s business to build it or destroy it. But, when we talk about ideas, actions, projects that every human being generates, the destruction of them is not always a bad thing. On the contrary.

Me: Yes, I also feel that way. I have destroyed many preconceptions that with time I understood were not right, and I was able to modify behaviors, attitudes and actions that led me to a new way of thinking, a new way of acting and a new reality in this path of life.

AM: the concept of destruction usually has a negative connotation, but, in the positive aspect, it is always necessary to work on this concept, as well as the others we work on throughout the year, under balance, coherence and in consciousness of being. There is no way it can be done in imbalance, in incoherence and being unconscious.

Me: of course, that’s where all the problems and actions that are harmful to our planet arise, for example.

AM: no doubt. Human beings are so unconscious in their actions with Gaia that they don’t even realize that when our mother Earth decides that I can’t stand man anymore, she will destroy them without further ado. And there is no morality, no courage, no unconsciousness. Gaia will fight for her own health and balance and will eliminate everything that is harmful to her health.

Me: And I have no doubt that it will do so. And it will be able to build again from the beginning, and for the purpose of harboring species that are capable and conscious enough of their actions. It would be wonderful if human beings could destroy their unconscious actions, eliminate their imbalances, and act in full consciousness of being. And from there, to build in coherence and balance. The evolution of the human being would have no end if we could do it.

AM: we must not lose hope. You have been determined to do many things in your life path. And the results have always been good. It’s just a matter of putting the will and following the direction of that intent.

Me: at least, to put a grain in the construction of a society that lives in balance, coherence, and full awareness of its being.

AM: there are many with that dream. Maybe soon it can become a reality!

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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