Gemini – Mental – Knees: I AM SPIRAL OF HISTORY

AM: From what perspective do you analyze and work with the concept of moving?

Me: I see it from two different perspectives. On the one hand, being in movement. Keeping my body moving, for example. Keeping my muscles working and generating energy, unloading tensions, and feeding them correctly to give them the necessary nutrients to make it possible for them to work. On the other side is the mobility of my being, with my emotions and my mind restless all the time, in pure movement. The flow of energy that I incorporate and emanate, I also take it as a continuous movement. The vibrations, the harmony, the frequency, the rhythm, everything is movement. I live in movement. I am movement

AM: your body, even in moments of rest, is still in movement. Internally, at least. The bloodstream never stops, the cells travel throughout the body, the nerves, the muscles, the bacteria, the colonies of microorganisms that live in the universe of your body are too.

Me: I hadn’t stopped to think about it. Actually, my body never stops moving.

AM: it will stop moving when you no longer use it, although it will be in motion for a little while longer, in the process of changing and returning to the cosmic dust from which you came. And your spirit will keep moving, as pure energy, until it returns to this third dimension in a new path of life.

Me: I didn’t realize that either. It is true, my spirit is eternally in motion. Not to mention my mind here and now. It never stops. How interesting to see my whole path from the side of movement. I found a new meaning to the concept

AM: and in that full movement, what do you fix?

Me: What I understand I fix are the concepts that I have come to work on this path. I also fix knowledge. In this learning I can fix concepts so that I can understand them better, and I make them conscious, so that I can experience them in a coherent way, seeking my balance, and thus integrate them to be able to transcend them. I take this concept of fixing from this perspective; I find no other.

AM: it turns out that fixing is related to having a firm foundation, because in this way, being firmly planted, the whole development of the being can travel its path in a safer way, less volatile, focused on what it has come to learn and in full awareness of its actions. And tell me, do you have the foundations of your being well fixed?

Me: I’m working on it. My requirement would say that there is always a way to be more fixed and have a better foundation. I still have issues to work on and although my essence has a firm foundation, as I have chosen to learn it led me to go through moments where I did not feel I had a good support base, and from there the experiences and choices made in an incoherent and unbalanced way, with the consequences of the case.

AM: learning on your path. Experience and experiences necessary to get to where you are today, here, and now.

Me: of course. Nothing to reproach. Learning and path traveled to get to where I am here and now. And happy to be here as I am.

AM; because you have moved since you started this path, and you have set foundations that have sustained you along the way and that have allowed you to get to today, talking and working the concepts of the I Am Path.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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