Gemini – Emotional – Third Eye: SOUL MATES

The Zohar teaches that each soul contains both «male» and «female» characteristics. When the time comes for a given soul to descend into the physical world, it separates and its characteristics become a «dual entity,» one part male and the other part female. This is the great meaning of marriage and marital union: to bring the «two halves» of a soul back together (see Zohar III, 283b).

The sages teach us that «it is the condition of man to seek the woman», because in reality he is looking for a lost part, his «rib». Spiritually his lost part is the unconscious level of his own soul. According to the Zohar, spouses and their companions reside in Eden or The Treasure House of Souls, until the time of their incarnation arrives. All leave Paradise very reluctantly, and in order to be born, descend into the physical world. Here begins a long journey back to the Source. At first, they all live together, but later they disperse to gain experience.

When they reach the level of individual maturity they meet again and join the others to carry out their part in the Divine plan, in which their lives as well as their work will become the reflection of the Holy One. Needless to say, one life is not enough to complete the training and mission of each individual. According to the Kabalah, the cycle of the transmigration of souls called Gilgulim or Wheels, is necessary to complete a destiny.

However, soul mates often have to separate to learn important lessons before they can unite as a wise and trustworthy pair that can carry out their spiritual function together. Due to free will and inevitable mistakes this reunion is delayed as karma or the Midah ke-neged Midah, «Measure for Measure,» as the Kabbalists call it, is fulfilled. The search for the soul mate is part of this process and when all comes to fruition the couple is found and united.

I invite everyone to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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