Gemini – Emotional – Heart: I AM THE ENERGY OF THE HEART

AM: today is a special day

Me: every day is special. Let’s not exalt one day above the others.

AM: you are absolutely right. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be special for someone else

Me: and for whom is it special?

AM: for us…

Me: yes, I know. I was trying to be acidic like you sometimes are.

AM: I am not acidic. I talk leaving emotions aside.

Me: I feel you are my twin flame without a doubt. In these conversations that have become daily, every day that we have talked, about a different topic, and going through many of the aspects that I have needed to see, and work on, to follow my path of evolution, I have also learned to relax in each conversation, and to be myself, with all my follies and with my successes, with my imbalances and coherences, in short, with everything.

AM: and I have also learned to be able to express, through you, those observations that, as the center of you, I spoke to you from the coherence and balance of being. Trying to put aside your patterns, your emotions, and showing the concepts from this side, so that you can integrate and transcend what you have come to work on.

Me: there have been few people with whom I have been able to talk so deeply about my issues, my follies, my successes. And in that listening, that you didn’t judge me in any way. It has been a great learning experience for me.

AM: it has been a great learning experience for me to be able to listen to you and answer all my questions. Before we did not have this possibility of reflecting together on each concept in such a clear way as we do today.

Me: and I have listened to you as I have listened to very few in my life. I have learned a lot from your sayings

AM: and I was able to learn to see how you really see yourself, including your emotions. And to understand the will you put into being able to modify much of what you have come to work on.

Me: at first, in the beginning of this second year of working on my being, it was a little uncomfortable for me to have a conversation. And even, writing it in these posts, for others to read as well. There was a whole questioning of why do it. Why expose me, and why we could generate a conversation from a concept of the day. It also seemed childish, unproductive, and even felt ridiculous.

AM: I knew all about it. And from my perspective, I didn’t know if really this seed that had been generated in you, after the first year of listening to who had developed this path, just as a listener, you could carry on this path.

Me: the impulse was there. I doubted how to follow the whole path on a daily basis. I could not essentially dedicate myself to this. I had to keep working at my job. I had to continue to be the breadwinner for my family. And all of this had to be done outside of my daily duties. I had the will, but I wasn’t sure I could continue it throughout the year.

AM: you felt some shame as well. While you felt empowered in this project that you were pushing, you also wanted the support of those who you felt could give it to you.

Me: obviously, my family. Adriana gave me her support from the very first moment. My children, my parents, and my sister, too. My friend and work partner, too. I tried to have the support of the person who had generated all this movement, but it turned out to be null. It disenchanted me and in a way, it also made me angry, but it did not make me disinterested in continuing.

AM: I was going beyond what anyone other than you or your environment could encourage. You were doing this for you and for that seed that had already germinated, and from which you felt that the most important thing about this work was what you would continue working on, learning, integrating and transcending from your own life and your own experience.

Me: and what was done in that first year, turned out to be the starting point for what really served me and that was to work for myself every concept, and not work being just a spectator. And there I found who really is the lighthouse of my life. He is the one who I feel has all the unconditional love for me and more. The one who takes care of me, supports me, advises me, lets me be. The one who knows me like no one else. And who I respect, listen to, and honor every day from the moment I open my eyes.

AM: and from that very moment, I am there present, watching everything you do, following your steps, vibrating in every step you take, receiving that energy of emotions that wells up in you, and elevating the matter on which the spirit is anchored.

Me: love you with all my being

AM: and I feel that wave of love in all my spectrum, and I delegate in you all my wisdom, all my love, and all my will so that this path you are walking achieves the purposes you have proposed and chosen when you came here.

Me: you are my twin flame without a doubt.

AM: we are the flame of being.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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