Gemini – Emotional – Plexus: I AM ENERGY OF PERSONALITY

AM: do you feel that you are an adaptable being?

Me: I feel that I can easily adapt to changes as they happen. Although I am a systematic person, a change does not provoke a crisis or resistance in me. I have this criterion that I call, in which when a situation arises, the changes I have to make to be able to cope with it in the best way, the faster I can apply them, the less traumatic and more effective will be the adaptation to that new circumstance. I tend to take it as a challenge, and that adaptability and the speed to do it, motivates me a lot.

AM: you take it as a demand on your ability to change. And you use what you feel is your intelligence, to develop actions that are palliative to the consequences that could probably be problematic or traumatic, because of that change.

Me: I had to exercise much of this in the multinational companies where I worked in other times, where radical changes appeared suddenly, and I had to adapt, or I stopped working in them. And that exercise allowed me to incorporate the tool of adaptation to the environment.

AM: And how do you adapt to your environment?

Me: In the same way. Obviously, as I grew up and the firmer, I feel my foundations, adaptation is more about being harmonious to the environment, and not so much about adapting to what the environment presents. That is to say, I adapt, yes, but I keep my essence. I do not do everything that my environment presents, I can adapt to certain processes and so on, but basing my adaptability to what my essence is and dictates.

AM: you know that he who does not adapt will hardly survive.

Me: yes, I am aware of that. There is also the fact that, even if I do not accept some slogans of my environment, I understand that I must adapt. And I usually do.

AM: you take it as an advantage that you have

Me: every being has strengths and weaknesses. I understand that I take it as a strength to be adaptable to situations. I don’t think of it as a weakness, precisely. I have no way of imposing anything, and I’m not interested in doing so either. What I do tend to do, is to accommodate among all of us a new way of seeing things and that would allow everyone to adapt a little bit and not that someone does not have to adapt because he is the one who imposes on others.

AM: many human beings tend to do that. That others adapt to what a few impose.

Me: and therein lies my lack of adaptation.

AM: I exposed it precisely because you are not adaptable to everything.

Me: haha! No. I am not. I adapt to what my criteria establishes. I can adapt to what I consider coherent, balanced, and fair. I don’t adapt if it has to do with an imposition, an incoherence, or an imbalance.

AM: and how do you know if the imposition is incoherent or unbalanced?

Me: first, because an imposition cannot be brought by a person in balance and coherent. Then, because I try to be in my center, in balance, in coherence and in awareness of my being. If I still consider that what I am feeling is incoherent, I take it as valid. It is indicated by my being and my essence. And I trust it.

AM: of course!

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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