Gemini – Emotional – Knees: I AM ENERGY OF MANIFESTATION

AM: are you Catholic?

Me: I feel part of all religions, and none at the same time. I am not a religious practitioner.

AM: but you have been baptized, taken communion and confirmation.

Me: yes. I went to religious schools in my early years, and I had to comply with the rites that are still observed today, although to a lesser extent, in Argentina. Most of them continue with the tradition of baptizing and taking communion, at least, under the guidelines of the Catholic religion.

AM: And what did communion mean to you?

Me: knowing that I was going to receive gifts.

AM: quite materialistic.

Me: let’s see, this subject of having to study the life of Jesus, read the Bible, talk about sins and how bad God can be if we don’t comply with what he says, and this feeling of guilt of hiding ugly things from the priest when I went to confession, so he wouldn’t know the bad things I could do or think, so he wouldn’t punish me, was always horrible for me. I was afraid of being judged. So, it was always an appearance, if we go to yesterday’s concept. It had to look like everything was under Catholic design.

AM: I mean, you could never understand the true meaning of communion.

Me: at the age of 9, when I took communion, I didn’t understand it, and then, I didn’t even wonder about it. It had already happened, and since I never professed the Catholic religion as such, it remained a simple anecdote.

AM: and what do you understand by communion today?

Me: I understand the meaning of commitment to the community. To join efforts together for a common purpose.

AM: and do you commit yourself to what you decide to do?

Me: Personally, of course. In relation to the community, I can’t quite understand it. Reading last year’s post, even today, I feel that everything done in that year has been, in part, a real waste of time for most of the followers blinded by a new style of leadership, an innovation in the path of a spiritual exit towards the superfluous elevation of being.

AM: a more than complicated concept. If I understood correctly, what you mean is that you perceive that only a few have had the impulse to follow the path of the I Am, from one’s own perspective, aiming at an inner growth and a balance and coherence of one’s own being. And most of them have taken it as just another way to pass the time, especially at a time when the pandemic made everyone stay at home and do nothing.

Me: but how can we get everyone interested in following their own path? I get the feeling that most people are still waiting for others to tell them how to find their own way.

AM: they are not all like that. But there is an important number of beings who do not feel they can walk this path by themselves, searching for their own essence, and not requiring anyone to tell them what to do. It is not easy to do so. There are many doubts, there is a lot of fear to know oneself internally, both its positive and negative poles, and all the energy that flows internally, all the unhealed pains, all the inherited patterns, acting in imbalance, supporting the tides of the environment, and not assuming the own conduction of their lives. It is a lot of responsibility.

Me: But at the same time, it’s so liberating. I mean, the weight with which decisions are made is lighter, feeling responsible for one’s own actions leads to have a stronger energy, to vibrate higher and to feel that everything is possible. Always in balance and coherence.

AM: even so, all is not lost. You have been able to go through this process, and many others are doing the same. And they are walking their own paths just as you are: in communion with your own being.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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