Gemini – Physical – Third Eye: I AM PRODUCT OF CORRESPONDENCE

AM: you have not always been happy with your first and last name.

Me: it has been a challenge to accept them. I think it is one of the previous choices I chose to come to work on in order to heal several backpacks from my ancestors.

AM: between the lack of assertiveness to belong to any group, and this terror to leave the environment where you felt safe, and the excess of aggression from the outside, you took your name and last name as a big part of your problems.

Me: starting with the name, with which I did not feel comfortable. As a child, Claudio was not a very common name. My mother had chosen it because there was a soap opera at the time that starred an actor named Claudio García Satur, and hence the choice. It had not been a name used by my ancestors, but it was completely new in the family. But I did not like it.

AM: but there was no clear cause?

Me: I didn’t feel it reflected me. I saw it short, with strange letters, the C and the L cutting the word, the U in the middle, next to the A and the I and the O together. I didn’t feel clear about the name. I felt identified with longer names, but not that one.

AM: and regarding the last name.

Me: much worse! Polito, in Argentina, and for the Spanish language, can be an ideal surname for a joke. Since always, at school and when I grew up, I have been bullied with it all the time. On the podium was being called pollito (chicken). Even though it seemed nice, it annoyed me. There was never an aggression, it was more like humor. But I hated it. And I showed it. And the consequence was much worse.

AM: you couldn’t control him. It dislocated you.

Me: and therefore, I always belittled my last name and my first name. I hid from them.

AM: sad.

Me: no doubt. I didn’t have the courage to be able to wear it proudly.

AM: but nowadays it’s not like that.

Me: no, of course.

AM: and how have you been able to change it?

Me: by not listening to the environment and trying to learn from the history of my ancestors and really analyzing the meaning of the names and surnames that represent me. It was wonderful to discover the real meaning of how I was named. And when I discovered it, not so long ago, I was able to understand the reason for my path and the choice I had made to walk it.

AM: we’ve already talked about it, but it bears repeating. How did you discover all this?

Me: by going to my family tree and discovering the meaning of each of the most direct names and surnames of my ancestors, up to my great-grandparents. There emerged a phrase that showed me the synthesis of what this path is and represents personally.

AM: then, in this here and now your name is Claudio Adrián Polito Larrarte DeCarlo Vattimo Lopez Losada Fernandez Garcia Muñoa Yraola Falcón Ramallo. And what have you discovered with all this?

Me: I discovered what my essence marks for this path: He who, with difficulty, from the sea, came from the center of the world and made his space with courage for the journey, as a man of arms and as a son of the wolf and the bear, and founded the foundations so that on the hill he builds the hut of ferns, from a large branch cut from a tree, with a flat stone slab floor and the falconer at the top.

AM: the first time you read it you found it very moving.

Me: I saw, in one short sentence, the whole meaning of this life. I found out why I am here.

AM: and what you were ashamed of became your pulse of life.

Me: allowed me to see what I really am.

AM: thanks to this path that you walk in balance and coherence, in your search for being.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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