Gemini – Physical – Plexus: I AM PRODUCT OF A CAUSE AND AN EFFECT

AM: do you consider yourself a mutant being?

Me: totally. I have been changing physically and mentally, a lot. Bah, I feel that I have changed. Those who don’t see me for a long time, and do it again, tell me that I haven’t changed at all. That I’m still the same. They even tell me if I sleep frozen, like Walt Disney, because I don’t age.

AM: obviously you age, and age, anyway, it shows. You’re not still twenty years old.

Me: of course not. But I’m holding up more than well. At least that’s what I consider myself to be.

AM: that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

Me: no doubt, haha. Leaving worship, me, as I always do, and returning to the subject, I consider myself to mutate, because it is the only way to evolve. Otherwise, I would be and think the same all the time, and I don’t consider it good.

AM: it is clear to you that this concept is oriented more to the subject of personal and physical changes than to a rather complicated subject, what happens with those cells that are not faithfully copied and that therefore can cause problems in the body.

Me: I certainly have and have had some cells of that type. When I got the tumor in my large intestine, it had to do with that. But my focus is more on the side of the changes I’m making along my path. And I’m very comfortable with that.

AM: let’s say, likewise, your changes may be nothing to other beings. They are not so easily observed. Sometimes they are very subtle changes

Me: you know that. I am Virgo, planner and programmatic, hard for me to completely change anything. More so if it is effective for me. So, you are correct in your assessment, they are subtle changes, but for me, they are important.

AM: let’s go to another perspective. And how do you get along with the changes that occur in others around you?

Me: I try to accompany them. For me, any change is usually positive. Obviously when we talk about changes that make people evolve. And that make them feel good. When it has to do with changes due to unconscious actions and imbalances that a person is going through, nothing can be positive. There I do not accompany so much. I do try to give them another perspective and orient them to the fact that they may not be thinking about what they are doing. But equally, I do not force anyone to do what I say. If they choose to follow that path and act, I can keep quiet, I can accompany them, and very possibly, when they realize that what they are doing is not right, I will say «I told you so», and I know I don’t have to say it.

AM: a person in full consciousness, balance and coherence would not say it.

Me: well, everyone must follow their own path and live their own experiences from their own perspective, and not from mine. I know, and I have to keep working on that. Sometimes I feel like a big mouth and after I say things, I call my attention to why I did it.

AM: all your energy on the surface. But you’re trying to mutate so you don’t say those kinds of things anymore.

Me: exactly. Sometimes mutations are not easy to do.

AM: no doubt. Notice how long it takes most beings to mutate. You are no exception. Nor to mutate ideas and act in a different way. It takes time, effort, a lot of will and awareness.

Me: of course. But I am sorry to be on that path

AM: as long as you are, you will be successful with the mutation you need to do to follow your life path. And remember: it’s the small changes that make a big change.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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