Gemini – Physical – Sacral: I AM PRODUCT OF POLARITY

AM: finally, are you or are you not a net weaver?

Me: I am definitely not. I try from time to time to put my will to develop to be the center of connection, but one way or another, it doesn’t happen. I set expectation, trying to incorporate what I feel to others works for me, but it goes beyond that. There is an issue, either that I have to work on, or that I have to understand that it is not something I should do.

AM: it may be a little bit of both. You may have to work on it, and it may not be what you have chosen to work on as the core of your path.

Me: which means I don’t necessarily have to work it.

AM: which means it is not the focal point of your work, not that you don’t have to work it. All you are doing today, in this second cycle of the I Am path is weaving your own web.

Me: I don’t feel that way. I write to work on my own self. I don’t think I am in a position to impart knowledge to others. I am just trying to raise awareness of the things I do, thanks to these talks.

AM: you don’t feel that this project is yours. You follow what someone else has done, and in part, your own personality makes you unable to take credit for what someone else has created.

Me: obviously. I was not the one who devised, developed, and shaped this path.

AM: but you are someone who has followed it step by step, day by day, talk by talk, for a whole second year. You will hardly find anyone who has done this work. At least there is no one who has written it down and put it in a blog, as you have done.

Me: and where I put my focus when I started writing. In the reasons where I indicated why I had decided to continue with the second year of the YoSoy path, I said that my intention was to encourage each and every one of Matias’ followers to make, write and expose their own talks with their respective I Am, where all perspectives could at last consolidate the purpose of generating the planetary consciousness network.

AM: and the reasons written at the beginning, do they remain?

Me: as the first day. How to make a network of consciousness following only what one person establishes? How can we form a united network if we cannot see all perspectives? How can we create a network of consciousness if we cannot foster the balance of being, listening, reading, and understanding all perspectives and the contributions we can all make to the network? How can we achieve that all beings can, in their balance and coherence, be equally important in the network? How to follow everyone in the network and not just one?

AM: these are many questions. Have you been able to answer any of them?

Me: I don’t feel this is the time to answer them. I live, write, and post the topic of the day. I feel the here and now, and those questions are to be worked on at some point in the future.

AM: therefore, we will not talk about networks today.

Me: I just have to say that I still can’t quite connect with the networks. I write, I post, I use the net, but I don’t die for the net. I don’t feel like a network worshipper, nor do I need the network to have followers. I like that they read my posts, especially those who can understand why I write them and feel that they can also chat with themselves and find meaning in what I am writing. With that I feel fulfilled.

AM: as I always point out, it’s good to respond as you feel and think. Mark your balance. Also mark that you will have to keep working on this concept, like the others, and you will find that there is something that you have chosen to come to do and in this development that you are doing, it will be useful to you to continue on the path of evolution chosen.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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