Gemini – Physical – Ankles: I AM PRODUCT OF MY ACTIONS

AM: what do you think of society?

Me: that it has been useful for the development of civilization and, in part, of human evolution.

AM: and how do you get along with society?

Me: I have cycles. Sometimes well. Sometimes the opposite.

AM: it is part of your opposite energies. Good sometimes with the Virginian, for the service and assistance to all those you love. And bad, also for the same energy, when you tolerate things, you don’t like and then they make you explode. On the other hand, with the Aquarian energy, you deny every pattern that society imposes, and therefore you differentiate yourself, sometimes to the extreme, and you prefer to be an antisocial person. And on the other hand, you seek, with this same energy, to find equals to you who try to break those patterns that you feel do not contribute to the evolution of humanity, as you would like it to be, and there you feel part of a new social order. And then, when you observe that this nucleus trying a new order, is nothing more than a make-up of the previous one, where the one or ones who devise those concepts that attract you, are nothing more than the same, but trying to increase their own power and control of others, you go back to deny and move away.

Me: in this aspect I feel like a yo-yo. I go back and forth, I gamble and get disappointed, I try and stop trying, and I don’t find a place I want to be. I set expectation, and I know it’s not well. I feel that I alone cannot do anything, and in the same way, I also feel that I do not have the capacity or the desire to transform myself into those leaders that I reject so much. I feel, like that politician who when you first meet him seems to be an honest person, who seeks the best for his electorate, who speaks beautifully and who convinces of what he feels, as he grows, has more important positions, he deteriorates in his essence, and when he even reaches the presidency, everything he originally was is distorted, and he ends up transforming himself into a nefarious being. The same happens to me with innovators. And with the spiritual enlightened ones.

AM: then, you think that if you had the opportunity to be a being that tries to make grow, as many do today, the consciousness of being, and they begin to follow you, you would end up transforming into that which you refuse to be.

Me: I feel I’m not going to be like that. But there is something else. I don’t feel chosen out of anything. I have always been shown by the environment, by the universe, let’s say, that I have not been chosen to do something like that.

AM: so, what if your job in this world was that this is what you were meant to work on? We know that the one who chooses how to come and what to come to is yourself. We also know that everything that has happened to you in your history, and what will happen in what is left of this path, has been and will be for you to transcend it, to the extent that you focus with will and coherence to experience everything you have come to experience. Therefore, everything can happen, even what you think it will not.

Me: but it is my own choice. And my choice, today, here, and now, is to follow this path anonymously, without transforming myself into anything more than what my essence is. And today, my essence is full and happy with how I am moving on this path, no doubt.

AM: your security gives me full confidence that you will do what your essence, in full balance and coherence, dictates on this path of consciousness that you are on. And with that, you will surely be able to fulfill all that you have chosen for yourself in this path of life.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day. 

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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