Gemini – Physical – Toroid: I AM PRODUCT OF ETERNITY

AM: How much have you transmuted in your life?

Me: I really have no idea. It is not clear to me that I have transmuted so far and what I am still doing the same. It seems to me that I have transmuted the way I perceive my surroundings. I have learned to see other perspectives than just my own, and I have incorporated it. I have my emotional outbursts, no doubt, but they are controlled in a very harmonious way and the impulses are more rational. I have been able to understand my childhood environment, and today it is not something hard from my past, but rather a more colorful memory, without suffering. I also understand what I have transmuted.

AM: well, if you had no idea, you have made an account of the transmutations you have experienced on your path until today, and we could say that you have done a lot about it.

Me: and I will continue to do so.

AM: And what are you trying to focus on?

Me: On following this path by taking actions in consciousness. Trying to walk the path in balance and coherence. Searching even deeper within myself to be able to resolve each and every one of the issues that I have come to work on this path. Trying to transmute them, so that I can continue my path with nothing left in my backpack and starting the new path very light.

AM: do you have a lot to do?

Me: haha. I don’t know, but the will, at least today, here, and now, I have it set.

AM: do you have expectations?

Me: one of the things that I have also transmuted is not to have expectations. It makes me feel much calmer. My mind doesn’t dwell on what I’m expecting, but rather, by not thinking anything about it or expecting anything from what I’m doing, I’m surprised at how the results come, which I wasn’t expecting. And they make me feel so good and full, that I have discovered that I don’t need to live with expectation.

AM: I can attest to that. Let’s review then this month of Gemini that is ending?

Me: here we go

Mental Week

AM: in thinking-feeling                 Me: I am spiral of divinity

AM: in seeking-denying                Me: I am spiral of dimensions

AM: in saying-silencing                 Me: I am sound-spiral

AM: in serving-keeping                 Me: I am expanding spiral

AM: in connecting-separating    Me: I am spiral of entities

AM: in building-destroying          Me: I am a spiral of feminine energy

AM: in doing-being                         Me: I am spiral of masculine energy

AM: in moving-fixing                     Me: I am history spiral

AM: in going-returning                 Me: I am neutralization spiral

AM: in being-not being                 Me: I am the eternal spiral

Emotional Week

AM: in the light and the shadow Me: I am spiritual energy

AM: in the soul mate                     Me: I am thought energy

AM: in intelligence                          Me: I am voice energy

AM: in twin flames                         Me: I am heart energy

AM: in adaptability                         Me: I am personality energy

AM: in bipolarity                              Me: I am personality energy

AM: in appearance                         Me: I am sexual energy

AM: in communion                         Me: I am manifestation energy

AM: in excess                                   Me: I am drive energy

AM: in communication                  Me: I am eternal energy

Physical week

AM: in ideology                                Me: I am a product of mentalism

AM: in the name                              Me: I am a product of correspondence

AM: in verb                                        Me: I am a product of vibration

AM: in mitosis                                  Me: I am a product of rhythm

AM: in mutation                              Me: I am a product of cause and effect

AM: in networks                              Me: I am a product of polarity

AM: in innovation                           Me: I am a product of generation

AM: in history                                   Me: I am a product of my history

AM: in society                                   Me: I am a product of my actions

AM: in transmutation                    Me: I am the product of eternity

AM: with review we end the month of Gemini energy and I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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