Gemini – Physical – Toroid: TRANSMUTATION

The alchemists said that transmutation was to convert the vile metal, lead, iron, or copper, into the perfect gold, into the pure gold of the perfect emotions, and it really can be so, because transmutation always has to do with a transcendent reality that is introduced into our organic, psychological, and psychic compound, and tries to convert each of our cells into radioactive ones.

For Vicente Anglada, if the mind is the guide of action, then, transmutation must begin here, in our small mind and go on discovering new horizons, and the more dilated these horizons are the better we will grasp the sense of transmutation; a transmutation that has to do with a transmutation of physical atoms, a transmutation of astral -if you allow me the term- or psychic atoms, and a transmutation that affects the mind.

Beyond these elements there is a natural movement which is life itself in manifestation, but the work must be done by man here and now, when he understands that his life is marked by a destiny which cannot vary, and here we are confronted with the problem of karma; and karma, naturally, cannot be reduced, cannot be overcome, because karma is neither more nor less than an alchemy which has not yet taken place, that is to say, we see a thing, it seems good to us and we accept it; and this thing that seems good to us today, after a certain time is no longer useful, but we cling to it because it is easier to acquire something that we already know than something that is unknown to us, because in the depths of the heart there is always a fear of the new, of the unknown; And if we want to effect the alchemical transmutation that our transcendent nature demands, we will have to vary our attitudes so radically that our action must necessarily vary completely, and it is this social transformation that can produce a state of peace in a world of agony, or create order in this century of chaos.

This is what has to be done, to be done nobly, to be done with full consciousness of the action, to be done even disregarding the knowledge we possess about any attitude of man in life, psychological, psychic or mental. We are trying to produce a catharsis, we are all interested in producing a catharsis, being this catharsis, precisely, the intimate sense of this transmutation.

I invite everyone to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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