Cancer – Mind – Crown: I AM COSMIC DREAMER

AM: we are starting the last month of this stage of your journey.

Me: Amazing how all this time has already passed. And we are in the month of Cancer energy, and the last of this second year.

AM: how do you feel about it?

Me: as I have already told you, without putting expectations on what is coming. I understand that something will come, and I will follow my path, and happy for all that I have worked and progressed in this year.

AM: so, there is a lot of light on your path.

Me: I always liked the light, the clarity. But I must say, I have started to enjoy also those cloudy days, or the days where the concept of the day appears.

AM: the fog. We know what fog is from a meteorological point of view, but, of course, the concept is graphed in what it represents in our being.

Me: I’ve always been fascinated by seeing landscapes in the fog. The city, the countryside, the mountains, whatever, and that image between gloomy, but also very beautiful. We usually have some day or other in Buenos Aires, where the fog takes over, especially in the mornings, the whole city, and I find it very amazing to witness that moment.

AM: What about your inner fogs?

Me: definitely, like every human being, I have had them. I’m sure I have them right now too, but I’m focused on what I’m working on and everything I’ve brought out of the inner darkness during these two years, so, at the moment, I see it all dissipated.

AM: like the weather on this planet, there will be days with lots of light, there will be dark nights, and there will be some foggy days.

Me: and I know I will have to go through them, as I have done so far. It is the law of this life.

AM: does it cause you discomfort or distress?

Me: no. I understand that these moments are necessary to be able to dig into all that we need to bring to the light. To recognize and work. I have been practicing all this time the process of bringing clarity to my mind, thoughts, and working on what I have come to do, so it is no longer complicated, nor do I feel fear of bringing to light what is in the subconscious, pending awareness.

AM: with the fog dissipated, I invite everyone to see the post of Matias with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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