AM: the topic of the day is rain. How do you get along with it?

Me: I like it when it rains every now and then and I’m in a situation where I can take those minutes of rain to relax, listen to the sound that surrounds me, the smell of wet earth, especially in summer. It transports me to pleasant moments.

AM: I mean, you feel pleased with the rain.

Me: let’s see, everything in its right measure. In Buenos Aires we hardly have many consecutive days of rain, but when it happens, very occasionally, to have four or five days where the clouds are stagnant over the city, and rain falls, I don’t tolerate it so much.

AM: and that’s a very short period of time you’re talking about.

Me: totally. I don’t know how I could do if I lived in Northern Europe, or Patagonia, or even during the monsoons in Southeast Asia. I think I would suffer a lot.

AM: maybe that’s why you chose Buenos Aires to be born and live your path.

Me: anything is possible! At least that part was pretty good. Of course, it rains in the city, but the geographical location, where the winds from the south drive the clouds to the north, makes for many sunny days, and I like that too.

AM: and going inside you, the rain, the tears, how have they worked in your being?

Me: Ugh, when I was a child, I cried a lot. If there was something I couldn’t have, I became quite capricious, and I ended up crying. I had no control over my emotions, and the whims were always there. I felt vulnerable, and I had no more explicit way of exploding than crying. So I know for a fact what it means to cry.

AM: and what happened next

Me: while sensitivity is still in my being, it’s not so easy for me to cry anymore. For a long term I stopped crying. There was no way I could do it. Of course, it was directly related to the fact that I was covering up the suffering that being a crybaby had caused me as a child, so I had it embedded in my being as a weakness. Then, going through this path, being aware of what I had lived, recognizing, integrating, and trying to transcend all that suffering that I felt I had lived, I could begin to understand and comprehend that sensitivity is one of the most beautiful things a human being has.

AM: it is unique. There are no beings in any other dimension capable of being able to understand what sensitivity means and the achievements that, thanks to it, human beings can achieve.

Me: this has led me to be able to feel more deeply and to make it blossom in actions that give me great joy. The poems, writing this blog, watching a movie, and having the necessary tears fall to pass the moment, makes me feel more than good.

AM: you have learned to enjoy your personal rain.

Me: as I enjoy the rain when it falls on a summer afternoon, refreshing the atmosphere, smelling the damp earth, and letting the drops fall on my face, cleansing my whole being.

AM: the rain of the abundance of being.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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