Cancer – Mind – Throat: I AM DREAMER OF SOUNDS

AM: when the rain is over, part of that water flows through the streams.

Me: I love the furrow that the streams leave on the land they flow through, and the vegetation that blooms on their banks, which makes nature show itself in all its splendor.

AM: and like the journey that it makes in nature, to flow its waters into rivers, lakes, lagoons, and seas, in your interior those flows in movement serve you to be able to release much of what is left behind in the confines of your interior.

Me: all the cleansing of what we have inside.

AM: And how is your cleansing going?

Me: the long work of these almost two years on the path of the I Am has led me to almost tell you that the stones over the streams that flow within my being are shiny and polished, haha.

AM: exaggerated and graphic, as always

Me: it’s to give a little movement to the talk.

AM: and why do you think you have already brought out everything you had inside?

Me: I don’t think I’ve got it all out, but I have been able to release a lot. And I feel this way because I am very calm and at peace with my inner self. What I had stored in thought and frustration, I have been able to work on it, I have been able to understand it. At the same time, my shortcomings, what I felt were my own shortcomings, I have been able to resignify them and they are part of my personality, my style, and my essence. And they are not shortcomings. It is not a weakness. I have also redefined the meaning of certain weaknesses of my own. I have recognized myself the way I am, and I accept it. I have also re-signified the theme of being able to understand my surroundings and see them from the perspective of my interlocutor. I have re-signified being able to look at people and stop judging by a certain attitude and look more deeply at each person, understanding if they are well or not beyond their appearance, and this has allowed me to feel more relaxed in my interaction with each one. If I am well, the relationship with others will be well.

AM: in these last days, I perceive that you are making a synopsis of everything you have done and the progress you feel you have made. You feel you are in full evolution.

Me: when I express it, in our talk, it gives me joy. Something from the center of my body, from my plexus I feel it, it seems to make an explosion of well-being.

AM: I know, I feel the vibration and energy too.

Me: am I being too effusive in saying that I get total exhilaration from my progress? Sometimes I wonder if it is good to be able to express good things that happen to us. It always happens to me to try to be measured in expressing what I feel, lest a negative energy comes along and destroys all the good things.

AM: but you also tend to shield yourself from those energetic flows.

Me: haha. Pattern inherited from my maternal grandmother. Take out the crows, she used to say. The bad vibe that sticks in the body. What can I tell you? I use that pattern as an amulet inherited from her. It makes me feel protected.

AM: if it allows you to stay in your own balance and coherence, I see no reason to stop using it. You also understand that energy flows and there are no good waves or bad waves, there is energy that flows, period. And just as you receive energy, it must follow its circuit and continue on its way. What is truncated is what is negative for your body, for your balance and for your mind.

Me: no doubt. But my grandmother, I’m sure she is happy that I remember her and feel that she is protecting me.

AM: I’m sure she is there contemplating your evolution.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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