Cancer – Mind – Heart: I AM DREAMER OF LOVE

AM: and the streams of your being reached the great lake.

Me: I imagine some of the beautiful lakes of Argentine Patagonia. I have images of all the times I climbed a mountain to get to a certain height and sit and contemplate the landscape, and where the lake was down there showing itself in all its splendor.

AM: and what happens when you are sitting there looking at that postcard?

Me: first of all, I marvel. I relax, my mind begins to quiet down. I meditate. I take a deep breath. I connect with nature. I am filled with energy. I feel happy and fulfilled.

AM: a great impulse for your inner being

Me: and when I look at the reflection of the whole landscape around in the lake, and I see everything inverted, I also see my reflection on it. And I begin to go deep into my being. My thoughts, although still restless, begin to go to those corners where I know I need to focus at that moment, to be able to solve some issue, to look for new paths, to start something different that can mobilize me, to define how to continue my path.

AM: makes you more connected to me.

Me: completely. Maybe we talk in silence. Without conversation. But we are together in that moment, no doubt.

AM: in this path, where the accompaniment is mutual, the learning of you in the third dimension feeds the learning of me and my balance and coherence I transmit it so that you can live your path in the most harmonic way and flowing the energy you generate. Without that unconditional love, and without listening to us, the path would be guided by the outside, and not by yourself.

Me: I have understood it in this last time. How the outside governs and directs beings when they live their path in unconsciousness. How they need to be marked, guided, and told what to do from the outside.

AM: there will always be signals and indications from the outside, where you receive an infinity of data that will be an orientation and guide you to what is coherent for you to do. In the same way, the final and ultimate decision corresponds to what your essence dictates. So, there is no conflict between what you see and receive from the outside and what you decide for yourself. The point is to be aware that it is your own decision and not the decision of others for you.

Me: today I understand that I have made many decisions in my past, which have been because of the outside. And at the same time, walking this path, today I feel certain that the decisions I am making in the here and now are my own conscious decisions. And the result is much more satisfactory for me. Besides feeling calm and at peace with myself, it makes me feel fulfilled. It brings out an energy that mobilizes me and keeps me active.

AM: even when you make mistakes. You don’t take it negatively, but as a learning experience. And you fulfill your chosen purpose for walking this path.

Me: in hard times, I transport myself to these lakes. It makes me feel protected, whole and happy.

AM: for we are together, connected on this path, and being one.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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