AM: why is the sea we are in so calm?

Me: it is because I am at peace with myself and my environment.

AM: you didn’t put the exclamation mark at the end of your sentence.

Me: of course, it is not necessary. I say it with full confidence.

AM: and why so sure?

Me: because we are already working so much my whole being, that I can feel every word I say, which I feel. And I am in balance. You know that we have gone through turbulent seas in some posts and topics, but this is the moment to be able to harvest some small fruits of all that has been sown, and that are appearing and growing there, inside my being.

AM: you have always tried to give closure to the cycle that is ending.

Me: more and more, I feel that giving it a nice, pleasant, calm closure, recognizing everything that has been done, and enjoying every second of the last moments, completes me. I seek to honor what I am doing, not afterwards, but during the final steps. And so, I am now.

AM: which doesn’t stop bothering you about certain things.

Me: let’s see, I’m a normal person who has his own craziness, his own character and his own deviations. I’m not sorry for pretending to be perfect. And I seek to show what my essence dictates. And today I am at peace.

AM: you are in the sea. It is no longer just your inner self. You relate, you open yourself to others. It’s not an easy thing for you.

Me: it wasn’t. Today, after writing down for a whole year what I felt, each concept, each personal perception, and not just writing it down, but keeping in mind those conversations in each moment that I went through, it made me go much deeper on my own path.

AM: You know that this second year really helped you to evolve.

Me: the first year was just a spectator of someone who worked his way and showed his problems, his essence, and gave me the kick to find a reason to be able to do the same as him, but from my perspective and inner work. I understand that I differed from the rest of those who were there listening to him and following him, in that I decided to continue my own path, as he always advised in his posts, but that I also perceived that no one did or was going to do it. I even have this vague feeling that even he could not think that someone could make his own path as consciously as the one I ended up making.

AM: but that’s not the case. You weren’t doing it to prove anything to anyone.

Me: let’s see. I had to prove it to someone.

AM: to whom?

Me: to you. I began to know you more deeply in that first year. Thanks to the little conversations, the drawings, the lists, the ideas, the thoughts we had to work on.

AM: and you made the decision to commit yourself and put your will to continue talking to me every day.

Me: and many times, I was a whirlwind and merciless with many human beings.

AM: the politicians, the leaders, the enlightened ones who believe they are gods, the manipulators of the masses, and I continue counting?

Me: all of them, and a few more, I think, haha.

AM: and what do you think of all of them today? Has your perception changed at all?

Me: I can understand a little more the perspective of each one, I try to see the part that allows me to complete all aspects of being, I understand that every human being is unique and has a lot to work on and integrate, and I have stopped judging the attitude of others. That said, I still maintain my balance of being, and what I say, is what I think, and I act accordingly.

AM: and what do you think of all those who made you feel unbalanced?

Me: I think exactly the same. That is to say, politicians continue to play their tricks and destroy the trust that people place in them. The enlightened ones who believe they are gods are nothing more than scam artists who profit from the faith of those who seek salvation from who knows what, and the manipulators of the masses turn out to be as destructive of beings as the politicians themselves. The problem, as always, is not in them, but in the human beings who live them and follow them in a blinded way.

AM: I notice, at least, that when you write there is no emotional earthquake as it used to happen before.

Me: that’s why I am in a calm sea. I judge neither those who manipulate nor those who allow themselves to be manipulated. I perceive that it happens, yes, and I put this blog, for example, for each one to think about his own path and not let himself be manipulated by anyone. It is not necessary to be so.

AM: let’s sail then through the sea of tranquility hoping to reach the deep ocean.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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