Cancer – Emotional – Heart: I AM VIBRATION OF THE HEART

AM: your hands are like the leaves on the tree. The lines you see on them are compared to the lines you can see on the leaves, and they read your life path.

Me: one day I went with a friend of mine to see a lady who read hands, among other things.

AM: you went that day with some expectation, but don’t give her too much credit for what she could tell you.

Me: I thought it was something to experience and to listen to, above all.

AM: and what did he say, what do you remember?

Me: he told me that I was going to live for many years, that the economic issue was not going to be a problem throughout my life, that I was always going to have economic resources, that the letter A was all over my path, and that it was very marked, that I was going to fall in love four times in my life, twice in my twenties, fifties, and eighties. That the girl I liked at that time didn’t suit me, and not to think about her anymore, that I was going to have two or three children, and that’s where my memory ends. That there were people who came and went in my life, and those people were going to represent important people who would later separate from me but would leave important marks in my history.

AM: several specifics, which remained in your mind, and part of that time has passed that he saw in your hands, and you have realized that what he told you, was fulfilled.

Me: I must tell you that, once I left his house, I did not stay impatiently thinking about what he said. Only his comment stuck with me, and I continued on my way. As the years went by, everything he said came true. The letter A, for example, is a very strong letter in my life. Adriana, my love, as well as Aldana, my daughter, begin with it. Several of my bosses where I have worked, their names began with that letter, I live in a country that begins with that letter, my son was conceived in a country beginning with A, Australia, among so many other things.

AM: the A surrounds your story.

Me: about falling in love, indeed it has. The first time, with the sister of a college friend, which I have already told you about. The second time, with Adriana.  And the third…

AM; in your fifties.

Me: right now. I have no problem in saying that I’m also in the middle of the falling in love stage.

AM: what a problem for Adriana.

Me: I understand that it’s not a problem for her. Nor for me either. I have moments of falling in love with myself. Of what I am doing today working on this path. In the perfect union I have with my whole being and with you, in these conversations.

AM; love is not related to other people only. So, it is true that I mentioned to you what you were going to experience in your fifties. You have discovered love in you.

Me; it will remain to be seen what happens beyond my eighties, haha!!!! I even find it humorous to think about.

AM: we’ll see what happens. You have to live in the here and now, so it will be what it has to be.

Me: obviously the girl I liked at the time wasn’t part of my story, so nothing happened. Regarding the children I have had, I did indeed have two, and we conceived with Adri one more, but unfortunately, it didn’t make it to birth, so I was right about that too.

AM: very accurate in your comment

Me: and regarding the people that would come into my life, I had a strong bond, and then I would follow their path and I would not see them anymore, but they represented something important for my path, without a doubt I have always felt that all those who appeared in my path, had an important role for me in what was that moment of my life, and fulfilled that role, they followed their path and I followed mine. It has happened to me with family, friends, and acquaintances. I have always felt that way.

AM: it is also in your hands, and she could perceive it, how you yourself highlight the relationship of the people who have been close to you at every moment of your life.

Me: finally, the economic issue. It has always been a concern for me. And I have lived it with a lot of pressure, and with a fixation of fear of not being able to financially support my life and that of my family. However, in spite of having been twice without a formal job, as a consequence of having been fired from the places where I worked as an employee, I never had a problem of not having the money to survive. When the money was about to run out, a new opportunity always appeared.

AM: even though you felt destroyed and failed in those moments.

Me: I had to go through that feeling to realize where I was, and how bad I was having it in those jobs, right?

AM: no doubt. You had to go back to your root and essence.

Me: as I feel I have been for a long time, but, above all, in the here and now.

AM: for in your hands are the written codes of your path, and the reading has been very clear.

Me: the book of my history will remain there

AM: in the meantime, you build it day by day on your path of life.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matthias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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