Cancer – Emotional – Ankles: I AM VIBRATION OF SPACE

AM: do you feel you are the cap of the tree of which you are a part?

Me: I speak in the here and now. The path traced in these two years definitely shows that I feel I am the cap of the tree to which I belong.

AM: And why do you feel that way?

Me: First of all, because I decided to consciously work on my being, my feelings, to deepen my thoughts, to try to establish a continuous dialogue with you, receiving in feedback answers to my questions expressed from the center of my being, and asking myself questions to work on issues that I had pending to do. Then, I went into the depths to learn more about my reactions, my actions, and the causes of many of the consequences I experienced.

AM: it was not always simple, nor was it always easily acceptable.

Me; needed to understand. It is not so easily digestible to recognize one’s own mistakes or failures. At least under the perspective I had in the beginning. By working on each concept, by better understanding and disrupting patterns, beliefs, external pressures, among other things, I understood that making mistakes allows us to learn and evolve. And from this point, everything became easier.

AM: and so you released prejudices.

Me: and I understood how much oblique vision I had of my environment and of myself. In spite of always feeling sure of myself, I did not value myself as I should. I was weighed more heavily by what others saw of me, and I judged them for it. But I couldn’t see my own reactions to all of them, which were not the best.

AM: and you began to forgive yourself and forgive them.

Me: not as an act without feeling but being able to experience it in the sweetest and most understanding way possible. And the fog that was in front of me began to dissipate and changed the image of each one of those moments that had been registered to me as conflicting.

AM: you didn’t forget the suffering it caused you.

Me: but I no longer felt it like it still hurt. It was there at that moment, but I no longer felt it inside me.

AM: you had transcended it.

Me: and from that point, I could really start this path of self-knowledge.

AM: you were able to free yourself from what made you feel trapped. As if you could not move.

Me: liberated. And every step, on this path, was pure learning, expansion, feeling more and more complete.

AM: I notice in your thoughts that you start to feel a little uncomfortable putting all the good things. Like you need to express that something bad, uncomfortable, imperfect, must be in the conversation, so that whoever reads you, thinks you are normal.

Me: haha. I know I’m very positive about everything, and I see the glass as always full. I don’t perceive life as rosy, nor the perfection of the universe. Nor that only positive energy is flowing. I have my heavy days, my acid mood, my small disappointments, some expectations, in short. I am a very ordinary human being, just like the vast majority, but trying to be better every day.

AM: you feel you speak in coherence and balance, don’t you?

Me: yes

AM: then, there is nothing more to add.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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