Cancer – Emotional – Toroid: I AM ETERNAL VIBRATION

AM: we come to the end of the emotional week, and we stop in the unconscious.

Me: I know that I have that unconscious part from which emotions, feelings, actions, thoughts, which are there, and appear on the surface from time to time, sprout from time to time. I understand that I have to let them out, work on them, understand them, and learn along the way.

AM: I find it hard to believe that you seem so calm about it.

Me: haha. I accept that. I’m sure I have a lot of issues in my unconscious that I don’t have registered that will come up at some point. It bothers me, to tell you the truth.

AM: why does it bother you?

Me: because I usually talk about being in balance and in full consciousness, and I usually talk about unconscious people who do not take care of the planet, who live without being coherent, and at first I judged them, today I feel sorry for them, that they cannot work on themselves, and I see myself emerging in me things from my unconscious, and therefore, acting in an unconscious way, and everything I am doing to live day by day in a balanced way and in consciousness, goes to hell.

AM: somewhat drastic you seem to be today.

Me: haha. No, I don’t want to go to the other extreme either. I’m trying to graph it a bit exaggerated so that it can be understood.

AM: there is something that maybe you are not interpreting. Just because something emerges from your unconscious does not mean that it generates unconscious actions. If you are trying to be balanced every day, and act in consciousness, whatever emerges from there you will be able to go through it in the same way.

Me: That’s true. What I have in my unconscious is what I cannot see clearly, I do not even perceive to have it, and suddenly it arises, and I can be in the balance of my being to be able to understand it and work on it accordingly.

AM: which will allow you to continue working on this path.

Me: you know that, talking to my mother today, after this week in which I talked about all my ancestors, and the situation of each one of them, that all of them, even me, have had to work on a fundamental issue, which has been the pit we have built between the family nucleus and the environment. The union of the nucleus is extremely strong. It is the basis for the continuity of the lineage. And the pit around, built around has kept us safe, and having built one or two bridges, to have the minimum necessary connection to the outside. Hence few friends appear in the life of each of them all. The same as in my case. And of all of us who are their descendants.

AM: although you have realized it, you had it until recently in your unconscious.

Me: always saying that I am like that that I cannot change, that I do not belong to any group, that I get bored easily with my surroundings, that I am combative, that I do not adapt one hundred percent, that I always find something that bothers me. In short, what the Universe always showed me, and I did not even perceive, was in my unconscious.

AM: and how do you feel?

Me: with certain contrariness, knowing that there is something that is there and that I have always had this backpack, both from my ancestors and from my past lives, surely, and that it is difficult for me to find the path to follow to unblock it.

AM: do you feel you are not progressing?

Me: you know I will say yes, I am progressing. First, because I am talking about it with you, I can see it. It has come out of my unconscious, and I see it clearly. I put consciousness and will to be able to work on it. I don’t know if I am making an important advance.

AM: I will tell you that the progress is more than impressive. You have been able to understand that this weight comes from far away, that each and every one of your ancestors have had to experience the weight of the environment, not being able to connect with it, feeling attacked most of the time, going in different directions than the common society. And they found great security in the nuclear family. And they revitalized it over and over again. And they pondered it to such a level that it allowed them to go on their way. As you have built your nuclear family. And this has had great rewards and the occasional complication.

Me: and I have always felt that I had to break inherited patterns.

AM: and you have. You have followed the path you set out on. You have formed your family nucleus as you have seen fit, and you have worked your whole being in these two years. Do you think this is not enough?

Me: but I don’t know if I have built more bridges in that pit around my core.

AM: believe me. The pit has been imaginary. Bridges are imaginary. It’s just a matter of you thinking again.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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