Cancer – Physical – Crown: I AM ROOT OF THE SPIRIT

AM: last ten days. How is that approaching the end of the cycle?

Me: with high energy and vibration. Each day is passing faster and faster, and the steps to reach this end are getting shorter. It mobilizes me, anyway.

AM: feelings welling up

Me: I think about the moment I decided to do this second year, and although I understood internally why I had to do it, I was not sure if the commitment, the will, the desire to do the whole year would be present.

AM: and it never, ever occurred to you to abandon what you had started.

Me: You know that there were issues that led me to feel disappointed with certain situations that arose. We talked about it, I was able to express it openly, I understood other points of view, everything was fine. But it was still something that made me rethink why I had to continue on this path.

AM: And why did you follow it?

Me: because I understood that everything, I was doing was for me, and for everyone who wanted to do the same. Talking to my father, I wondered if I was the only one in the world doing this second year, in a blog, talking about my own issues, and trying to encourage others to do the same. And I understand that it is so, that there was no one else doing a second year.

AM: And what does it represent you?

Me: personally, I value what it has represented to me to work every day, to see more personally each issue, without being a spectator of another, to understand my mistakes, my follies, my inconsciences. To have other perspectives. To look at my actions from another side. To understand that much of what has happened to me has been due to my own imbalances. I was able to separate my own imbalances from those of others. I placed myself in the center of my being. I began to feel fulfilled by each achievement.

AM: and that was how everything that seemed to be a stumbling block in your journey, ended up being the fuel for you to do it with greater determination.

Me: It was meant to be, right?

AM: it was written. Like the universal laws. And the universal being, which is the theme of the day. Do you feel being one with the whole?

Me: I am learning to feel it. We ended the emotional week concluding that my ancestral lineage has had an important weight with feeling one with the whole. We always feel one for the family nucleus, which is not the whole. This work that I have allowed myself to do, to put the will to understand the why of our actions, the needs and the great accomplishments achieved by each of them, to be here and now, and to honor them and put all of me to be able to free them and free myself from that deep pit around our own nuclear family, is what is allowing me to integrate myself in being myself with the whole.

AM: a big part of it you have done by integrating with Mother Gaia. Being part of this great planet, respecting it, honoring it, and feeling within yourself what our mother feels. Looking for the balance of your axis with her axis. And aligning every day your being in her being. Also, in each meditation, you have put your intention and will to be unity, light, truth, love, essence, creation, manifestation, meaning and path, in each of your chakras, and you have not stopped doing it, several times a day, to maintain that balance and alignment. And tell me, has it helped you?

Me: and how! It has made me feel at peace, calm, balanced and conscious. As I always say, it makes me feel full.

AM: you feel on the right path.

Me: working to be one with the whole

AM: as your essence dictates.

I invite everyone to see Matias’ post with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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