Cancer – Physical – Third Eye: I AM THE ROOT OF CONSCIOUSNESS

AM: do you go deeper into the existence of your being?

Me: not much. I am here and now, living this life. With all the concepts that I have chosen to come to work with. And I make them conscious, so that I can work them in balance and coherence. If I exist, if I don’t exist, if it’s all imagination, if I’m energy in motion, if there are other dimensions, if everything is a hologram, none of this I go deep. I don’t have time to go that deep. I prefer to work on what I have to work on and not focus on a purely philosophical and thinking subject. What’s the point? I have so much to enjoy. I mean, I’d rather watch the sunset than think about whether I exist or not. I’d rather enjoy the moment, without thinking about anything in particular, than to delve into whether I exist.

AM: you do well. It is not by delving into this subject that you have come to this third dimension. And what do you perceive as the end of your existence?

Me: I consider that it goes on the side of evolution. And I am not only talking about spiritual evolution. I am also talking about physical and soul evolution, the emotional one. I am in this time and in this space. Therefore, the evolution that I mark has to do with my body, my soul, and my spirit, and in the evolution regarding my wisdom, my love and my will. Everything makes my being, and if I do not evolve in all aspects, then I would not be evolving in a balanced way.

AM: it strikes me that you are not fighting patterns or differentiating yourself from pre-established concepts, and ultimately, everyone who is seeking to evolve in their existence, will think the same way you think here and now.

Me: this path has made me think more balanced. And I respect very much, just as I can approach by thought, with all those who are on the path of evolution. There are many beings who have come to this world that are really worth knowing. Balanced, coherent beings, who seek their own evolution and who expand their energy towards all human beings. Those people, truly enlightened, and who do not seek to be messianic leaders, are certainly worth a lot to me.

AM: do you try to follow their paths?

Me: no. I try to follow my own path. What I do try to do is to go deeper into what they think, how they act and what they preach, because it is always good to be able to hear from other concepts that can be very useful to us. I learn from everyone, and then I discern, and finally, I take what I feel resonates with me, and release what I find redundant, superfluous, or useless, from my perception, of course.

AM: is it worth your existence?

Me: of course, I am. I feel that I am invaluable. As each one of the beings that are here and now in this planet, or in any other. And I understand that my existence has a meaning, a significance, and a need to evolve eternally.

AM: everything you think makes you exist and be.

Me: and every day I perceive the importance of my existence. And to be able to continue working in balance and coherence. I cannot let this moment pass without putting all my will to continue evolving, expanding my knowledge, being wiser, giving more love, being unconditional.

AM: I see you busy in this existence

Me: I see myself happy and fulfilled trying to reach it.

AM: I see you happy, fulfilled and getting there.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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