Cancer – Physical – Throat: I AM ROOT OF TRUTH

AM: in this last month, last physical week, last laryngeal chakra, tell me, what truth comes out of you in relation to the topic of the day?

Me: I had to reread to see how to converse about it. Obviously, we are all made of billions of atoms, and each one of us, as a fractal of all that the Universe represents, is part of a whole. Therefore, we are all one. And there is no God above us. So why so much trouble in this world?

AM: I knew the question would come from that side. If we are all equal, why don’t you feel that we are equal. Why are there so many powerful people, so many leaders, so many little lambs going from one side to the other managed by only a few.

Me: I partly feel like a little lamb, being led by certain situations that happen on this planet, for example. I don’t feel that I am doing something different from others. I am more conscious, I work on each concept within myself, I look for balance and coherence in my being, but I look outside, and I see a lot of unconsciousness, a lot of imbalances, not to mention incoherence. In politics, not to mention. Starting with my country, which is really shameful. Now, I do not stop there, and I look at any country, no matter which one, and the politicians are still shameful. And there are thousands of examples I can give. There is no one who acts coherently.

AM: politics is very devalued. The image it had in the past has been lost. Those who handle statistics, marketing and advertising of potential candidates only measure the number of voters to captivate, and that is the end of the matter. It is only a matter of enlarging the mass of voters to gain power, and thus to govern.

Me: But the incoherence does not end there. There are the voters, ordinary people like me, who actually let and allow the real meaning of things to be distorted. If we want good politicians, we must respect the concept of what politics is, and not trivialize it. Not to mention the interests of corporations, the media, in short. It is all about power. And with it, everything can be done.

AM: it is the image we have of God. The almighty.

Me: to that extent it is distorted. To feel myself at the center of my being, to be God experiencing in my life does not mean that I am more than the rest, that I should rule the rest, nor that I can punish or reward the rest. The same is true for the rest. But I come back again and again to the same thing, how to get to the point where we are all equal, and no one is above anyone else?

AM: that will never happen. The human being, as a being that lives in a herd, is led by one, the strongest, the most skilled, the most intelligent, the most empowered, the most loved. It is impossible that there will be a time when each and every living human being will feel that everyone, absolutely everyone, is exactly equal, that no one is more than anyone else, that no one has more power than others, and that everyone can, under their own unique perspectives, maintain harmony, balance and coherence of unity. It is utopian.

Me: then why try to focus and work to achieve a minimum of that utopia?

AM; tell me something, what you do, this daily work, what is the purpose you feel it has?

Me: the purpose is that I can be conscious, I can be in balance and coherence of my being. To be able to evolve.

AM: would you stop doing it just because you consider that you are following a utopia?

Me: no, of course not. It does me a lot of good to work on my being. It is palpable what I have been able to evolve, that’s how I feel. Besides, being utopian and fighting for it is part of my essence.

AM: the atoms of your being, like God creating the universe, has dreamed this path so that it may be so.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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