Cancer – Physical – Sacral: I AM ROOT OF THE WEB

AM: we are in the sacral, end of the road for this chakra, and one of the ones you have had to work on the most.

Me: relationships. It has been difficult. I’ve had to go deep and work through each issue, to realize how much of myself, of my ancestors, I guess of my past lives, I’ve brought to this path to try to integrate and transcend.

AM: you are still at a point of deciding what to do.

Me: I have understood that everything that represents a threat from the outside, has been a somewhat skewed perception. Obviously, there are threats outside, but many of them have been felt, but they had no basis whatsoever. It was more a matter of personal insecurity, of not recognizing my own essence, of seeing the perspective of others without working on it in depth and thinking that what others said was true. Now, having said that, I can put the intention and will to be able to expand my universe of human relationships, but there is the issue of having to continue working on how to feel I belong to a group of people, maintaining my balance of being, of being able to contribute my vision, to accept the vision of others and not trying to be a breaker when there is something I do not like. And to run away from the group because I feel uncomfortable.

AM: you have reduced in one sentence a whole subject that needs to be analyzed point by point. It is not the intention of this conversation to go into each one of them because we would be talking for an eternity, but the most important thing is that you can focus and analyze it, and you know that there is a whole issue there that you will have to deepen in your path, experiment, see your reactions in each moment, feel yourself acting in a balanced and conscious way of what you are doing, and everything will be different from what has happened so far, without any doubt

Me: if there is something I have learned at this point of the path is that everything I live and experience in my day to day, acting in a coherent way and putting my will to do it consciously, has allowed me to perceive it from a different perspective than usual, and I have been able to learn, understand and integrate each situation in a different way. And it has done me a lot of good!

AM: because you have learned from it. And being balanced, it allows you to expand your being. And tell me, what connection do you have with the plant world?

Me: I connect in a very energetic way with this realm. Also, with the mineral. When I am sitting on a rock, on a mountain, for example, the vibration and energy of my being is united with that of the environment, and I feel in my whole body how the energy flows from me to the outside and vice versa. The same happens to me when I am next to a tree, a plant, when I caress or hug it. Or just sitting next to it. I feel that flow intensely. I become energized and transfer those waves, and a whole internal movement springs up in me that I feel and makes me feel myself expanding.

AM: you connect with the planetary consciousness.

Me: I feel it. I feel part of it. And many times, it fills me with energy, and other times it makes me feel anguish. I even get teary-eyed. I feel that she is transmitting to me the suffering that our mother Gaia sometimes feels of how we behave as part of the whole. How we destroy her body. How we act so unconsciously. And it hurts me

AM: I know it is so. I sense it too. It makes you remember to follow this path of evolution, to honor every being on this planet, the planet itself, and to put your will into taking care of it. It is the only way that everyone can continue to live on it.

Me: for my part, every day more and more, I am committed and putting my will to it. I also put my intention to learn more and more every day how I can do something more so that this care is even greater. I know I can do much more.

AM: everyone can do more to reach this planetary consciousness. It is just a matter of intention.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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