Cancer – Physical – Knees: I AM ROOT OF THE TIME

AM: today I must ask you this question: how do you relate to your human peers?

Me: after so much time working on this path, learning, sharing my story, understanding much of what has happened, I return to the starting point of what I thought at the beginning of this path: the relationship with my peers is complicated.

AM: although at least you are aware of it, and you know the reasons why that relationship is complicated.

Me: yes, that’s true. I have been able to evaluate my human unconsciousness, those subjective belief patterns that have defined my objective reality. Going deeper, my attitudes, ways, intentions, purposes, jobs, loves, relationships, emotions, feelings, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, and qualities that I feel I possess, I had to break them down to understand if they were truly mine or others’. Some I know I have imitated, but for a while. Then, I could no longer maintain it, for it was not my essence.

AM: and in a way, it has produced acting in imbalance and incoherence with yourself.

Me: it has been a learning process, no doubt.

AM: and it will continue to be a learning experience that you have a good relationship with your peers.

Me: I have a good relationship with my peers. With many of them. I don’t just focus on the group that I can get along with only well, or only badly. It’s a combo of everything. But I understand that the relationship I build with other human beings is mutating into something more balanced, more coherent.

AM: the same path you are following leads you to develop a more harmonious relationship with your environment.

Me: Yes, I feel that way. Looking back, both with people in my close environment and with new relationships, I perceive that I have really changed the way I relate to others. And in turn, with my closest environment, I also modified a lot of what I felt I was not handling correctly.

AM: perceiving that you are evolving is a fuel to keep working on this issue.

Me: of course. Feeling that there is progress helps a lot to continue working.

AM: therefore, you feel that you are forming in you an integral human consciousness.

Me: I have set the intention to be able to expand my human consciousness. On all levels. And working every day. I have understood that it is not just a mental matter of saying it, you have to act as well. I have to be coherent in what I think, say and do, and therein lies the hard work. There is the will and there is the intention. But, above all, I perceive progress. And I feel how my whole being is mobilized in this regard.

AM: in truth, human consciousness, recognizing yourself in your animal, vegetable, mineral, elemental, atomic, existential, and universal being, does nothing but allow you to evolve towards the multidimensionality of your being.

I invite everyone to see Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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