Cancer – Physical – Ankles: I AM ROOT OF THE SPACE

AM: who is God?

Me: ‘God is who, is what, is how, is everything. What I see, what I don’t see, my inside, the outside. Absolutely everything. The Universe is God.

AM: when do you see it?

Me: when I see the sunrise. Or at sunset. When I am looking at a landscape in the mountains. When I see a bird approaching in the background of my house. When I am meditating next to a tree or sitting in the grass. When I hug my children. When I create something. I see it very often.

AM: what happens when you hear about people dying of starvation, murderers killing mercilessly, rape, killing animals, destruction of the environment? Is that also God?

Me: I used to be very critical of God. I thought how someone so merciful could accept and allow, above all, that there were so many injustices in this world. How right, good people, who had done no harm to anything or anyone, could end up being destroyed by evil beings, and where almost nothing happened. Maybe imprison the murderer, but no more than that. Then, obviously, I stopped believing in God to start looking for another idea of what God could mean.

AM: and you found him in the Universe.

Me: in its creation, in its laws, above all. In the meaning of what they really are, and how the human being can, under his responsibility, use them as tools for good, for his own evolution. And where ethics, belief, subjectivity, nothing more than a human issue. And there I understood what God is and means to me.

AM: it is everything around you.

Me: and it is what allows me to be here and now. In being able to experience, in being able to live every day. To work each concept in order to evolve. To fulfill the purposes that I have chosen to live and to achieve them, if possible, on this path. To be able to integrate and transcend what my ancestors have not been able to. Even what I myself have not been able to transcend in my previous lives.

AM: do you feel that God is in you?

Me: there is no way he was not in me, for I am part of everything, however small and insignificant I may be. But at the same time, I am important enough to be part of this whole. Of course, I feel I am God.

AM: it used to bother you when others said so.

Me: yes, that’s true. It all depends on one’s intention in saying it. I don’t say it with the intention of being more or less than anyone else. Nor to feel that I am the chosen son or a messiah. I bring it and I say it from the heart, from the purest and most pristine part of my essence. Honoring and humbly putting myself in the place I should be. And understanding that, being part of it, I have the responsibility to take care, connect and expand myself inside and outside, and thus become part of the universal consciousness. Of the whole.

AM: we are ending this second year. We have only one day left. Are you willing to keep moving forward?

Me: Yes, I am. There is only one day left…

AM: tomorrow we will talk again, for the last time in this second year.

I invite everyone to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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