Cancer – Physical – Toroid: CONSCIOUSNESS

For Carlos Gonzalez Pecotche, in his book «The Mechanism of Conscious Life», nothing has had, in truth, greater significance and importance for the human race in the consummation of its high destinies, than knowledge. From remote times, man has run after it, searching for it wherever his imagination, his intuition or presentiment led him. Parallel to this search, the first ideas were born in his mind and the first thoughts were conceived. The initial advances in favor of knowledge took place when the human being, restless par excellence, gave free rein to his greed by exploring and conquering lands.

In that enterprise he found and discovered many things that awakened in him a greater desire for knowledge. From then on, he was constantly preoccupied with reaching the lofty pinnacle of Wisdom. He climbed all the heights he could, as much in science and art as in philosophy and religion. He has even discovered the secrets of thermonuclear energy, manufacturing with it the most tremendous and deadly weapons; but, to his misfortune, he lost sight of the path that would lead him to the presence of his Creator, represented in the great arcana of the immense universal realization.

That path is the path of conscious evolution, which, by traveling it, provides direct reports of how much can interest the human spirit about its origin, existence, and destiny, in close relationship with the Supreme Will. By knowing himself, that is to say, by exploring his inner world and discovering the marvels that exist in it, man will know his Creator, and this will be in conformity with his advance in the direction of the conquest of that great and transcendental desideratum.

Logosophy and its singular method constitute the unshakable basis of self-knowledge. It should be pointed out that the essence of the logosophical contents has been extracted from the profound observations made both in the hidden recesses of the human being and in the incessant activity of the universal thought that encourages creation. Hence its extraordinary energetic and dynamic force, which drives the process of conscious evolution from the moment the researcher accepts of his own free will to follow the logosophical disciplines, essential to ensure the effectiveness of the method.

I invite everyone to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.


Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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