Out of time # 2: EARTH

The earth element is the base that supports everything that exists on our planet. The qualities of the earth element in us are patience, constancy, and permanence, that which is solid, that which is consolidated. It is not in vain that the main characteristic of the earth element is solidity and structure. The earth is in everything that surrounds us and that we can see and touch. It is in the material, the matter. It is also in everything that offers us protection, empowerment, regeneration and nourishment.

That is why our physical home and our «inner home» with its protective and well-defined walls offer us a safe place where we can be and develop as we are. Furthermore, we cannot forget that the earth, beneath the visible, harbors everything that sleeps, that is not yet visible, but exists in potentiality, such as seeds or talents and qualities if we are talking about ourselves.

The earth is the energy within you that allows you to connect with strength and depth (earth is both a solid mountain and a deep cave); it is the energy that connects you with your ancestors and your roots. In the human being, the body represents the embodiment of the earth element, as well as its care. When the energy of the earth element is well balanced within us, we feel secure, confident, realistic, practical…. When it is in excess (to the detriment of the other three) it can generate a feeling of heaviness, darkness, lack of creativity … When we lack it, we can feel more easily volatile, agitated, unable to finish things, disconnected from the material and physical reality.

I invite everyone to read the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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