Out of time # 4: WATER

Water is the element that best characterizes our humanity and our planet. It is not for nothing that our planet Earth is 70% water on its surface and 70% of our body is water. This element of nature is changeable, teaching us that everything transforms. Water flows, softens, shapes, adapts. It is the most receptive element of all, as it has no form of its own and is able to contour and overcome almost all obstacles.

It teaches us to trust that every life cycle is fulfilled and that we will fulfill our own. Its fluidity speaks to us of availability, surrender, gratitude, and gratitude. Water is intimately related to vital energy and life. Where there is no water there is no life. In the deserts, when waterfalls, life returns; when water circulates in our body and does not stagnate, it is not retained, life and health return.

Water is directly related to the world of emotions, instincts, empathy, vulnerability… If this element is balanced in us, we feel at ease with our life, with our environment. If we have an excess of water, we can be too emotional and live continuously under the influence of the tsunami of emotions. However, a deficit of this element can lead us to feel a general sense of discomfort and to feel distanced from the world of emotions.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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