Out of time # 5: AIR

Air is the only one of the four elements that we do not perceive with our eyes; it is the most difficult element to catch, and yet we fill ourselves with it with every breath. Air is an element of life. The first thing a human being does at birth is to breathe and also the last thing he does with the last exhalation. As air is an invisible element, it has been related to that which is not visible in the human being: thought and knowledge. Through the Air element we connect with other planes and realities from where we bring new forms to this reality. It is also related to the soul (anima) and the spirit (spiritus).

Everything we see around us, at some point has been thought of by someone. Air is communication with the here and the hereafter. When starting anything, an impulse is necessary, a burst of air. Each new cycle begins with an almost imperceptible change in the environment. In the physical body it is represented in the breathing process. Also in the spine, which extends inside the body, and makes it weightless. And in its other quality, (the intellectual) air is present through both the rational and abstract mind.

Air in balance allows us to be flexible and allows mental freedom to see things from different perspectives and thus increase and grow in knowledge and awareness. An excess of air can cause that, although you are interested in everything, you are not attached to anything, and you are always at the mercy of the air that blows. On the other hand, if you lack air, you may find it difficult to distance yourself from things and see them objectively, or you may get stuck and not be able to make the changes that the air suggests.

I invite everyone to read the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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