Out of time # 5: I AM THE TREE OF LIFE

AM: last day, last talk, last step on this path that started a year ago.

Me: we work every concept, every month, week. Every energy, vibration. We have had conversations of all kinds. I have learned, I have listened to you, and you have listened to me.

AM: putting will, love, wisdom.

Me: vibrating, flowing energy and moving every part of my body, my matter.

AM: emotions welled up. We went deep. You talked about delicate subjects; you opened the floodgates of your being. You placed yourself in the center of your being to see from another perspective.

Me: many times, it was hard for me. But I put aside my ego and my denial, to see beyond and understand.

AM: and you became humbler. Less presumptuous. You went to your essence.

Me: was able to understand that I could be wrong. And that others could be beings with their own issues to work on. The unconsciousness was not just someone else’s, but my own. And my heart could open up much more.

AM: your emotions could come out and be the fuel of beautiful actions that you have shared with those you love. It was you and your essence expressing itself in the most sublime and pure way.

Me: and I felt fulfilled. And I learned how much better it is to share unconditional love, than to love conditionally. I let go of a ballast that was weighing me down.

AM: and you began to fly. To expand your being.

Me: with your help, with your invaluable unconditionality.

AM: and you discovered that nothing was outside. Everything was in you.

Me: and I stopped being afraid of my environment. For that environment was me projecting my anguish, my fears. And that was not me. It was not my essence.

AM: and security, confidence and balance took over your whole being. And every action, every thought, you could perceive it coherently. Even those mistakes that arose along the way.

Me: because to err is to learn. And to understand. And to work to be able to integrate the concept and transcend. To go beyond. To be conscious and responsible for the actions taken.

AM: in this path that does not end. That had no beginning and has no end.

Me: because it is eternal. Because I am eternal.

AM: because you were, are and will be you.

Me: because I was, am and will be me.

AM: because you are

Me: because I am.

AM: because we are one

Me: one with you. One with all.

AM: good path for all!

I invite you to watch the last video of this second year of the Tree of Life

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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