Virgo – Physical – Root: TRAUMA

Trauma in a human being is an event that threatens the human being’s physical or emotional well-being, and has a persistent impact on the unconscious, mental structure, or emotional life. It is sometimes caused by common occurrences such as a fall as a child, minor injuries, abandonment, violence, accidents, natural disasters, or surgeries.

It is a state of intense fear that we experience when faced with a sudden and unexpected event that we perceive as threatening, and over which we have no control and are unable to respond effectively.

Trauma is the most denied, misunderstood and ignored cause of human suffering. The most important thing to understand is that certain individuals, especially children, can be overwhelmed by everyday events. Sometimes traumas can be inherited by the mother from the womb and be present before the person has rational or conscious memory. If the mother tends to be anxious, is apprehensive or suffers some situation during her pregnancy, the baby may be born with a dysregulated system.

Those who live with trauma, consider that their body is not a safe place to be, but neither is the world, and when a person does not feel safe, he/she cannot learn or enjoy. When a traumatic event occurs and we do not heal, we close in on ourselves and stop connecting with others, when ‘normalcy’ implies being connected with our body and with the world.

But trauma does not have to become a life sentence. It is up to each one of us to accept it, understand it, work on it, and use it as energy to transcend everything that hinders our steps in our life path.

I invite you to read Matías’ post with the concept of the day. 

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being