Virgo – Physical – Ankles: DECISION

People collect information at the cognitive and emotional level to make their life decisions. However, this process is not always carried out in a functional and complete way. From the psychological perspective of the meaning of life, we speak of the concepts of decision, freedom and choice as human dimensions that guide the person towards his or her well-being, and with each of them lived in a particular way and integrated to the life experience of people.

Deciding is an action that, according to different authors such as Kast, Robbins, Boris or Koonts, is defined in the context of human existence and gives meaning to life. Those who cannot decide or do not want to take the risk of deciding, suffer from a great existential void, which they compensate with products, technologies, money, material goods and social activities based on consumption. People who cannot decide lose the ability to be autonomous and their decisions are taken by others from the outside, from the convenience of others, while people who do not want to make decisions suffer from an insatiable appetite for wanting everything, since the awareness that deciding is also giving up what is chosen is intolerable, so they seek to have it all, feeding a false sense of choice that is nothing more than the prevailing need to fill the void left by the inability to decide. Knowing how to decide implies giving value to what one is and what one wants for one’s own well-being.

The best decision that can be made to give meaning to our life is the one that is made from the conviction that personal wellbeing is possible, that the renunciation of other alternatives of choice is healthy so that the person can focus on their objectives and goals without distraction, deviation or saturation and that finally the understanding of decision making is a continuous process of opening new possibilities and alternatives, that is, with each decision taken the doors are opened to make new decisions and choose bigger and better alternatives.

I invite you to read the concept of the day by Matías

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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