Capricorn – Emotional – Ankles: I AM HOME OF THE APPRENTICES

AM: today we dwell on the concept of beliefs. In particular, what do you believe in?

Me: I really believe in doubt. I have tried to understand religions, obviously the most inculcated has been the Catholic religion, because I went to Catholic schools in elementary school, and the theme of behaving well because otherwise God was going to punish us, always seemed scary to me. I didn’t understand how such a good and protective being could have all the wrath and destruction if you didn’t do what he said.

AM: love, devotion, and fear.

Me: as far as my grandparents were concerned, for example, none of them professed the Catholic religion. They never went to church. Only my grandmother Marcela who found her place in the scientific school Basilio, as I already commented, and she was very dedicated to go to the school, to be present when the spirits went to the school to talk to the mortals, and to learn everything related to the release of negative energy. The whole family called what she was doing crazy, but the truth was that when she would release us, we would leave the room totally refreshed. And when I was asked if I believed in what she did, I didn’t have to believe because I experienced it. It was not belief. It was experience.

AM: but those who denied everything she did, and considered that it was pure acting, that you said it was true, determined that they considered that you believed in what she did.

Me: I believe in the flow of energies and in the possibility of releasing dense energies from people’s bodies. The transmission of energies, with the contact between people, is something that I perceive in my whole body, but especially in my hands, for example. I believe in this because I also feel it.

AM: And do you believe in religions?

Me: I try, but there is something inside that does not convince me. If my being here and now came under a certain energetic composition, and I need to be able to see, touch, experience for myself, each thing, to be able to convince myself that it is so, having to put my faith in something that I cannot see, and that I did not experience, does not allow me to truly believe in them. Besides, I have a problem with the issue that religions ended up being developed by human beings, and not by those who have been great human beings, as Jesus was, for example. His example is impressive, but what his disciples and followers have made of the Catholic religion, ended up completely distorting what he came to teach. And this has happened with the rest of the religions, without a doubt. Each person who tried to follow the guidelines explained by the great spiritual masters, added his own vision, his own ego, as well as greed, interest, and many other things that have ended up distorting the origin of what they have come to do in this world.

AM: and if you do not believe in religions, what do you believe in?

Me: in nature, in the Universe, in the essence of people, in energies.

AM: and in extraterrestrials?

Me: let’s see. I am fascinated by the subject. I would love to be in contact with some being from another planet. Obviously, I look at the sky, I watch the programs where they talk about it, but I have never, ever, seen anything or had any communication that could be represented as from another planet.

AM: a disappointment

Me: not so much. It just happens again that, if I don’t live it, I can’t quite believe it.

AM: but you don’t seem like a person who doesn’t believe in anything. At least those around you wouldn’t notice like you are an atheist person.

Me: I just don’t feel like an atheist. I understand that there is a force that holds me, takes care of me, helps me in difficult moments, and that over the years I have named it differently. Sometimes I called it God, other times, Krishna, other times, my I Am, other times, Universe, but always knowing that it is there allowing me to learn, experience, create, live, err, enjoy, and for which I thank it several times a day for allowing me to follow this path.

AM: a beautiful way of believing.

I invite you to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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